Star Wars Fireworks “Fire of the Rising Moons” at Disneyland

Fireworks are a classic at Disneyland, whether it’s in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, on Main Street, or by “it’s a small world.” From anywhere in the park, it’s always a perfect way to close your night of magical memories. 

But in 2024, there’s a new contender to the traditional fireworks show over Disneyland—and it’s a must see for any Star Wars fan visiting Disneyland Resort.

Best Disneyland Fireworks Spot

Star Wars Fireworks at Disneyland

Special viewings areas inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge have always been a go-to for Star Wars fans and those looking to avoid Disneyland crowds. But in the past, only fireworks were visible over Batuu—no music, and barely even a recognition by Cast Members that a fireworks show was about to begin. 

When Galaxy’s Edge first opened, lingo from the distant planet was widely used and Cast Members would reference fireworks only as a battle in the distance. But Fire of the Rising Moons has changed the game!

Here’s a few quick facts to help you plan your viewing for Fire of the Rising Moons:

  • Fireworks begin on select nights at 9:30 pm
  • Check the Disneyland app under entertainment for “Fire of the Rising Moons Fireworks” to make sure its on the schedule
  • Most fireworks shows are approximately 15 minutes long


Disneyland Rainbow light saber


The new show is tailored to the fireworks show already in place, so while guests on Main Street and near Rivers of America will see the traditional fireworks show, Star Wars fans will experience something completely unique and only available in Galaxy’s Edge

Where to Watch Fire of the Rising Moons

The first thing to be aware of when going to Galaxy’s Edge for fireworks is where you’ll be standing. With all the hustle and bustle of Batuu, there’s not really any areas to sit on chairs, unless you hurry to the limited outdoor dining near Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. 

Galaxys Edge Night Disneyland


Most likely you’ll be standing, so the best place to experience the full show is to go right in front of the Millennium Falcon. This area will be the most crowded in Galaxy’s Edge, but definitely not as bad as the crowds that are on Main Street. You also won’t even need to arrive until a few minutes before it begins for a decent spot.


SWGE Millennium Falcon Main


If you do choose a place right in front of the Millennium Falcon, you’ll have a clear view of the rock features above and the new droid, Bard, coordinating the show who sits on a ledge to the right of the Millennium Falcon. If you want to be very close up to the Falcon, try arriving about 30-45 minutes before the show.


fire of the rising moonsJPG


There will also be Cast Members directing guests to viewing areas, most often marked by tape on the ground to show where you can stop and watch. I suggest watching Fire of the Rising Moons one night of your trip and the regular fireworks on another night so you can see both! It’s just another reason why 2 or 3 day tickets are a great value, especially when you buy them from Get Away Today

In the event that there are winds in the area, the show may be canceled or the viewing area may be modified. This happened to us once and it just meant that the area directly in front of the Falcon was not available. Cast Members did allow us to watch from farther back from the Falcon and Docking Bay. Even then, the ashes rained down on us during the show—you’re truly that close!

Don’t Miss the Star Wars Fireworks Show

If you’re not convinced yet, there are a couple more reasons you should choose to watch the Star Wars fireworks show at Disneyland. 


disneyland star wars fireworks


The main reason why this spot is so special for the fireworks show is because it’s specifically for Star Wars fans. The show begins with a new droid speaking about Blackspire Outpost and what the galaxy holds. The rocks are illuminated with a blue light that will eventually change colors throughout the show to depict the mood.

As the 9:30 pm the fireworks commence and it’s a wonderful display of light and color! The fireworks are literally right in front of you, so the experience feels even more in person. If loud noises aren’t your favorite, be sure to bring earplugs or headphones, as the nearness of the fireworks makes them much louder than in other areas.

This fireworks show is spectacular, but what makes Galaxy’s Edge the best area to view fireworks is the music that’s playing all around. The classic John Williams soundtrack accompanies the show and it truly makes it remarkable. This is music that was made for the movies and modified specifically for this show.

The music is meant to elicit emotion and feeling as you’re listening to it, so watching the fireworks along with the wonderful music is beautiful. As the music changes to fit the show in the sky, you can almost see all the moments from the films play out in your head as the music easily takes you back to those memories. 


Family star Wars land


If you’re 5 or 75, the Rising Moons Fireworks show will make your whole Disneyland trip feel all the more special. As you make your way to exit the park from Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll think of all the wonderful memories and feelings that you made at Disneyland, and how you closed it with such an amazing fireworks show on the planet of Batuu.

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