Phrases to Know Before You Visit Star Wars Land

10 phrases to know before you visit Star Wars Land. Are you making your way to the outer edge of the galaxy to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Whether you plan to visit Batuu during it’s opening months (May 31, 2019 at Disneyland Resort in California or August 29, 2019 in Florida), later this year or even in years to come, here are the 10 phrases you need to know.

Phrases Star Wars Land

But first, a confession. I am a default Star Wars fan. And by default, I mean I am a diehard fan of Disneyland Resort (duh) and because Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, I was brought into the force. I still have so much to learn and the expansion of Disneyland Park has me learning all kinds of new things I never thought would become part of my everyday life. But I absolutely love it!

Maybe you’re like me and you want to immerse yourself in Galaxy’s Edge but you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re rolling your eyes because you’ve been a fan since birth and hate all those bandwagon people.

Either way, these 10 phrases to know before you visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are sure to help create an even more immersive experience for you and everyone around you.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Basic Vocabulary

This section is for those fairly new to Star Wars fandom and to Galaxy’s Edge. And since we’re all new to Galaxy’s Edge—let’s review some of the basic terminology for this new land. 

Star wars general land

Galaxy’s Edge Planet Batuu

When you enter Galaxy’s Edge you will be exploring the planet Batuu. Batuu was once a busy hub of trade and travel, but all that changed with the rise of hyperspace travel. Today it’s often skipped over for travel pit stops, making it the ideal place for “smugglers, rogue traders, and adventurers traveling between the frontier and uncharted space. Significantly, it has also become a safe haven for those looking to avoid the attention of the First Order.” Source:

docking bay seats

Galaxy’s Edge Black Spire Outpost

Black Spire Outpost is a village located on planet Batuu, and the village you’ll step foot in when you reach Galaxy’s Edge for the first time. At Black Spire Outpost you’ll find petrified remains of ancient trees and notice how the spires seem to now stand guard to Batuu. The first settlers of this planet saw the spires as landmarks and the very heart of the village. 

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Galaxy’s Edge First Order

There are two sides to this battle in space, often referred to as the Dark Side and the Light Side. The First Order belongs to the Dark Side. In the most basic of definitions, it’s the side of the bad guys. You might run into Stormtroopers in Batuu and yes, they are part of the first order.

Star Wars at Disneyland

Galaxy’s Edge Resistance 

Again, there are two sides to this battle in space, often referred to as the Dark Side and the Light Side. The Resistance belongs to the Light Side. In the most basic of definitions, it’s the side of the good guys and they oppose the First Order. 

10 Phrases to Know Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge 

Cast Members (that’s a Disney term, not a Star Wars term) will belong to the planet Batuu, and as such, will speak somewhat differently than we do on Earth. Learn some basic phrases spoken by the villagers so you can acclimate well to your new surroundings. 

Bright suns or Rising moons

Visiting the outer rim of the galaxy brings new views, including multiple suns and moons. Villagers might say “bright suns” or “rising moons” as a greeting of “hello” during day or night hours. This reference is indeed from Luke Skywalker gazing at the duo suns of Tatooine as they set, in Star Wars A New Hope.

Disneyland Star Wars PhotoPass
Courtesy Disneyland with Kids

Til the Spire

There are many ways to say good-bye (even beyond those listed as you exit “it’s a small world”), and “til the spire” is one of my new favorites. If you’d like to say “farewell” to a friend at Batuu, consider one of the following:

  • Til the spire
  • May the spires keep you
  • Good journey
  • May the force be with you

opening galaxys edge

Only the Ancients Know

Who are Rey’s parents? “Only the ancients know” is one you might hear a lot of, and it means simply, “I don’t know.” 

You might hear this phrase when asking things like:

  • What’s the wait time for Indiana Jones? Only the ancients know . . . because people on Batuu probably won’t even know about Indiana Jones, but they might have known a guy that looks like him a bit. 
  • Is Luke Skywalker really dead? Only the ancients know. But I say, it’s debatable, but most people say yes. Either way, you likely won’t run into him on Batuu, but I did have this brief encounter with him at D23 Expo in 2017. Mark Hamill


Are you bringing your Padawan with you to Galaxy’s Edge? Children here are referred to as younglings

Remember Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run has a minimum height requirement of 38″ or taller. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is 40″ or taller. To view Disneyland attraction photos and height requirements, please visit this page


Why would you simply call it a stroller when you can call it a youngling transport? And how much cooler is a wheelchair or scooter when it’s now a transport? 

rent wheelchair disneyland

Transports get you where you need to go, but be sure to read up on our Disneyland stroller guide, including size restrictions now in place

Data Pad

While Disney MaxPass won’t initially be activated during Galaxy’s Edge opening, you will still likely want to use Disney MaxPass and your cell phone while visiting Batuu. If you need help using MaxPass, Cast Members can be a great resource, but here on Batuu, cell phones are called Data pads. No relation to Data iPads, all brands and models are welcome. 

Disneyland MaxPass

Data Pads are great to use for mobile ordering on Batuu, so be sure to check out our top meals for about $15 on this planet. 


“Omg this line is so long and now I have to use the bathroom!” It must have been all that blue milk, or the Coke in those sick new bottles only available at the Galaxy’s Edge (or eBay for crazy high prices). There will be a “bathroom pass” so to speak so you can hold your spot in line but not have to “hold it” until your ride is over or risk an accident while piloting the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Coke

However, villagers here refer to the bathroom as the “refresher”, so ask for a “refresher” pass because nobody wants to clean up after you on the Falcon.


Visiting a new planet definitely takes its toll on our earthly bodies. This phrase is easy to remember because you’ll want to stay hydrated. If you’re looking for a water fountain to fill up on free water at Disneyland, ask for the location of the nearest hydrator.oga drink

If you’re looking for other types of provisions, head to Oga’s Cantina instead, but of course still remember to guzzle that water!

More Phrases/Words to Know

  • Credits = Money, and you’ll be using lots of it!
  • Travelers/Worlders = guest

No doubt, we’ll be adding more phrases to this list so please help us out by commenting with your favorite new Galaxy’s Edge phrase after your visit. Til the spire my friend!

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