Weight Watchers at Disneyland

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What can I eat when I’m on Weight Watchers at Disneyland?

Minnie Mouse wearing red polka dot dress and white apron.
How to stay on track and count WeightWatchers points at Disneyland

You’ve just started Weight Watchers and you’re wondering if you can stay true to your points while at Disneyland Resort. Or maybe you’re a lifetime Weight Watchers member and don’t want to get off track during your vacation.

This guide is here to help you calculate points and find meals and snacks to stay on track for weigh-in day. Remember to bank those fitness points and weekly roll-overs to access even more deliciousness! Plus, track your step easily with a Fitbit!

This article is not endorsed by Weight Watchers and most points have been calculated using comparable foods. If you have suggestions on our point values, please leave them in the comments and we will update this article as we see fit. 

My Disneyland Weight Watchers Story

I started Weight Watchers only two weeks before going to Disneyland Resort. I searched and searched online and wasn’t happy with the information out there on counting WW points at Disneyland. In my first 3 months of Weight Watchers, I lost 20 pounds and then decided to incorporate the things I learned on WW to make a permanent shift in my eating habits. I continued to lose weight, even without counting points and going to Disneyland once a month. I have now maintained a 30+ pound weight loss since writing this article a little over a year ago (at time of updating).

How did I do it? I use these tips to keep myself healthy even when eating at Disneyland on a regular basis. I also used my roll-over and/or fitness points because it’s totally fair to do that if you choose to. 


Weight Watchers at Disneyland Groceries

There are so many options to get groceries near Disneyland, and even delivery options! Make a list of your favorite healthy and zero point snacks to bring with you so shopping is a breeze. 

Produce section at Target with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Target on Harbor Blvd., just a quick 5 minute drive from Harbor hotels.

My favorite zero point breakfast is plain, non-fat greek yogurt with sliced strawberries and sliced red grapes. The grapes give it just enough juice to lighten up the thick greek yogurt. I also like grabbing some hard boiled eggs at a deli counter when I need a little something extra. 

Weight Watchers at Disneyland Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite place to save on points. The many Weight Watchers zero point options should give you plenty of breakfast opportunities both inside and outside the parks.

Fresh fruit and scrambled eggs from your hotel’s free breakfast (check out who offers free breakfast here and save $10 on Disneyland tickets and hotels with promo code HAPPIEST10). If your hotel doesn’t offer breakfast, be sure to stock up on zero point staples at a nearby convenience store.

Inside Disneyland Park, I enjoyed breakfast with Minnie and Friends at Plaza Inn and was able to fill my belly with another zero point breakfast with an egg and veggie omelet paired with fresh fruit.

Vegetable omelet with cantaloupe, honey dew melon and red grape next to a picture of Minnie Mouse.
Disneyland Breakfast veggie omelet

Looking to dine with characters at Disneyland Resort? You’ll find a huge assortment of zero point breakfasts at these breakfast buffets.

If you’re in a hurry, stop by Jamba Juice at Downtown Disney (though they don’t open until 7 am or later some days) and order their Fruit and Greek Yogurt Bowl. It has nonfat greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, fresh bananas. Be sure to hold the granola and honey, if you’re lucky they may add a bit of extra fruit for you instead!

Total points for Weight Watchers at Disneyland breakfast: 0

Weight Watchers at Disneyland Lunch

Many places inside Disneyland Resort offer Weight Watchers friendly meals, with a few substitutions.

I dined at Carnation Cafe and enjoyed fried pickles as an appetizer, served with a house sauce. 30 pieces is valued at 10 points when comparing to Smash Burger’s fried pickles and ranch dressing listing. While this appetizer only came with about 6 pieces, I’m guessing the total size was about the same. Split it with a friend and you’re counting about 5 points.

For the main course you can order the roasted turkey sandwich on a potato roll, substituting Mustard Aïoli (note mustard aïoli typically contains a blend of mayonnaise, mustard and garlic) with plain mustard, hold the cheese and fresh fruit on the side.

Most potato rolls listed online for Weight Watchers are valued at 4-6 points. By the size, I am valuing this at 5 points. If you’re looking to save even more points, simply take the top of the roll off and eat just the bottom portion.

Carnation Turkey club sandwich cut in half with seasoned fries.
Carnation Turkey Club, Disneyland Weight Watchers points

On this visit, the waiter talked me into trying the “Carnation Turkey Club” on the secret menu. I pretty much order a turkey club where ever I go, so it didn’t take much convincing. And it was so large, I only ate half the sandwich, and ate the turkey alone from the other half. My points were counted as 1 slice of bacon (2 points), 1 slice of sourdough bread (3 points) and 1/4 avocado (3 points) with mustard only and a side of fruit. They accidentally gave me fries, but I passed those on to a friend instead.

I ate about half the fried pickles and valued my half sandwich at 8 points.

Total points for Weight Watchers at Disneyland lunch: 13 

Weight Watchers at Disneyland Snacks

There are so many weight watchers friendly snacks at Disneyland, and they are easy to find!

Fresh pineapple spears, red grapes and lemonade in ice bath at Disneyland Park.
Fresh fruit at Disneyland Resort

Fruit stands and carts throughout the park showcase a variety of 0 point food options including:

  • Chili-lime corn on the cob (Edelweiss Snacks in Fantasyland)
  • Whole fruit (Tropical Imports in Adventureland, Toon Up Treats in Mickey’s Toontown, Fantasyland Fruit Cart, Ship to Shore Marketplace in Frontierland, Tomorrowland Fruit Cart, Main Street Fruit Cart, Critter Country Fruit Cart, Mortimer’s Market on Buena Vista Street, Fairfax Market in Hollywood Land, Filmore’s Taste In in Cars Land)
  • Fresh vegetables (Tropical Imports in Adventureland, Toon Up Treats in Mickey’s Toontown, Fantasyland Fruit Cart, Ship to Shore Marketplace in Frontierland, Tomorrowland Fruit Cart, Main Street Fruit Cart, Critter Country Fruit Cart, Mortimer’s Market on Buena Vista Street, Fairfax Market in Hollywood Land, Filmore’s Taste In in Cars Land)
  • Giant pickle (Tropical Imports in Adventureland, Toon Up Treats in Mickey’s Toontown, Fantasyland Fruit Cart, Ship to Shore Marketplace in Frontierland, Tomorrowland Fruit Cart, Main Street Fruit Cart, Critter Country Fruit Cart, Mortimer’s Market on Buena Vista Street, Fairfax Market in Hollywood Land, Filmore’s Taste In in Cars Land)

Total points for Weight Watchers at Disneyland snacks: 0 

Weight Watchers at Disneyland Dinner

There are many quick eat and counter service options to cater to your Weight Watchers points. Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions. Disney is absolutely the best at making adjustments for dietary needs.Salmon with green salad and potatoes at California Adventure.

Dine at Wine Country Trattoria in California Adventure with the Italian salad valued at about 4 points (save 2 points if you hold the shaved parmesan), along with Salmon for the main course with a side of roasted potatoes (3 points) or ask for another non-starchy vegetable as a substitute. Hold the sauce (or indulge, it is amazingly delicious at 3 points). Salmon is usually on the menu at most sit down restaurants, like Carthay Circle too

Total points for Weight Watchers at Disneyland dinner: 10 

Another place I like to ear at while counting points is Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney. It’s super easy to get to via the monorail or walking and now you don’t have to go back through security which makes it super convenient. See all the places you can eat at Downtown Disney here. 

Tortilla Jo employees preparing fresh guacamole with avocados, onions, tomatoes and other ingredients on a table.
Tortilla Jo’s

You can’t go to Tortilla Jo’s without some table side guacamole. Split it with your group and you’ll count about 1 point per two tablespoons and 4 points for twelve tortilla chips. For your main course, opt for a chicken dish like tortilla soup at about 4 points for a cup, 6 points for a bowl or tacos de pollo (ask for black beans instead of rice and refried beans) which is about 6 points since we’re only counting the tortillas in this dish.

I usually go with four tablespoons of guacamole and chips and chicken tacos (saved some guac for my tacos!) Mexican food is so Weight Watchers friendly and is also available at Rancho del Zocalo at Disneyland Park and Cocina Cucamonga at California Adventure.

Total points for Weight Watchers at Disneyland dinner: 12

Weight Watchers at Disneyland Dessert

If you’re looking to indulge, and especially if you’ve been banking those fitness and/or weekly WW points, Disneyland desserts is a fabulous place to satisfy those cravings.

A Costco churro is roughly the same size as a Disneyland churro and is valued at 19 points. Split it in half (9 points) or even in fourths (4 points) for just a bite and not as big on a chunk out of your daily point limit.  The Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land also has churro bites which may make portion control easier.

Salted caramel bite size dessert in front of Storytellers Cafe menu.
Salted caramel dessert
  • Soft serve ice cream chocolate or vanilla at Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land and other locations throughout the resort 9 points, add 1 point if in a cone
  • Strawberry Shake a Flo’s V8 Cafe about 15 points for one cup
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookie at Ghirardelli in California Adventure 9 points
  • Creme Brûlée at Jolly Holiday Bakery 13 points
  • Frozen Lemonade 15 points
  • Mickey Pretzel 11 points

I went to Storytellers Cafe one evening at the Grand Californian where they have a variety of bite-sized desserts. I had a salted caramel bite and guesstimated it to be about 5 or 6 points when comparing with other salted caramel desserts on the WW app.

Total points for Weight Watchers at Disneyland dessert: 6

Weight Watchers at Disneyland SnapshotHealthy goofys kitchen

How did my day turn out? I spent several days at Disneyland Resort, and all my days were under or at exact points and you can do it too!

After walking 8 miles a day, earning a ton of fitness points and making (mostly) sensible choices including those above, on a snapshot of one day I used only 29 points and still had some to spare (fitness points). Track steps easily with a Fitbit during your vacation!

This article is not endorsed by Weight Watchers and most points have been calculated using comparable foods. If you have suggestions on our point values, please leave them in the comments and we will update this article as we see fit. 

I hope this article gives you the encouragement you need to continue on your healthy journey when visiting Disneyland Resort. If you’re looking for even more healthy dining options, be sure to see our entire healthy Disneyland dining guide and factor in Weight Watchers points at Disneyland before your trip.

19 thoughts on “Weight Watchers at Disneyland

  • Diana

    I am a Disney AP and a new WW member so now I will be doing my Disney trips differently with the points system for my eating. This information gives me hope and encouragement that there are options for food and snacks that I can work with and stay within my points. Thank you so much for sharing and caring… bless your heart! I’m headed to the park today with confidence I can do this (WW) and enjoy my days at Disney😉

  • Charlotte

    Thank you so much for providing this! I too have struggled to find information about this so your article was a welcome blessing!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jessica, we just got back from vacation. I wished I had read this before I went. I think your site is awesome!!! You’ve covered many of the questions I have. I’m still curious on the Corn dog. Thats my last splurge I was wondering about.
    Thanks, tricia

    We’re going back in a few weeks.

  • Elaine

    I just started WW this week and this is exactly the kind of breakdown I was looking for! We’re going for my husband’s birthday next weekend (Wine Country Trattoria is his fave!), and I’ve only been advised to bring my own food to stay on track. Where’s the fun in that?

    • You are exactly who I’ve made this for! You can do it, even with eating in the parks. Have all the fun while staying on track. I’d love to hear an update when you return. Bonus points (not WW points though, I don’t have authority to give you extra lol) for sending me some pictures of what you eat!

      • I go to Disneyland every week since Jan 2019 by my 2 yr old grandson .
        Since March started WW at 165 Lbs I have lost 27 lbs I walk 2 miles every day fast w my dog.I bring my low point snacks w me to dland turkey jerky ,lite
        Babybell cheese ,Carrots,Swiss Miss spreadable cheese for my carrots , ice tea packets, apples cut up ,built bars ,large water. You can ask any stand for ice water or ice free I also bring teabags hot water is also free.We buy lunch or dinner mostly Mexican ceasar chix salad w my own dressing or Chicken Toastada salad or Chicken tacos in Frontierland at the Mexican restaurant there.. I love to buy the giant dill pickle 0 pts. Pineapple spear 0 pts or Dole Whip 5 pts at Tiki Room attraction or frozen fruit bar 4pts from the ice cream carts.
        If I want a candy bar treat I eat my built bar 3 pts.that I brought. We walk about 10-12 K steps.We also go to tomarrowland stage to dance from
        7 pm -11pm w the Disney Characters lots of fun.I pack my snacks in a soft foam lunch bag w a cooler pack .
        Its easy to do I do it every week good luck n have fun we always do.

  • Lori A Michutka

    Hi Jessica – headed to Disneyland very soon (only 9 more sleeps!), and was a bit worried about maintaining my WW lifestyle. I made it to goal a couple weeks ago, so I figure with all the walking walking walking and these good tips, I’ll do just fine. Thanks! Lori

    • Hi Lori! Yes, you will do great I just know it! I would love for you to keep me posted on what you eat and even pictures if you’d like. Walking, walking, walking will for sure help as well. You can do it!

  • Courtney

    This is so helpful! I’ve been doing WW since January and have had lots of success. We are headed to DL in September and while I absolutely plan to splurge while I am there, it doesn’t have to be every meal or snack, so this will be helpful to keep on track!

  • Kim

    I don’t do Weight Watchers but I am trying to watch what I eat and am headed there in a few weeks so I’m so glad to know some good options!!!

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