Carnation Cafe Disneyland Dining Review

I have a a handful of go-to Disneyland restaurants, and if I want a sit down meal, Carnation Cafe Disneyland definitely tops my list. One of the rare table service dining locations at Disneyland Park to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner—read why Carnation Cafe is one of my top picks with my full dining review.

Carnation Cafe Disneyland
Carnation Cafe Disneyland

Carnation Cafe Disneyland: Atmosphere

I always remember Disneyland dining establishments based off their umbrella colors (and the good food of course!). Carnation Cafe is located on Main Street, U.S.A. with the candy-striped red and white umbrellas. It’s tucked in-between shops on Main Street, making for a quiet and quaint retreat at Disneyland Park.

Carnation Cafe Disneyland dining

Carnation Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can secure reservations by calling Disneyland dining or via the Disneyland app. Nothing beats this cozy retreat on Main Street, U.S.A. You can dine inside, but I prefer a seat outside where it’s less noisy and more quaint.

Carnation Cafe Disneyland: Menu

All-American food at its finest. Carnation Cafe never disappoints. If you were privileged to visit Carnation Cafe before Chef Oscar’s retirement, you may know the man behind their famous breakfast potatoes. If Chef Oscar’s name is on it, it’s a winner in my book. Read more about Oscar and breakfast options at Disneyland Resort here.

Breakfast at Disneyland

The lunch and dinner menu offer the same selections. Start off with an order of fried pickles and you won’t regret it! Delicious!

Fried Pickles Carnation Cafe
Fried Pickles Carnation Cafe

You can never go wrong with a turkey bacon club from Carnation Cafe’s secret menu (not always available). Toasted bread, fresh turkey, avocado and crisp bacon paired with fruit or seasoned fries, plus unlimited soda refills. It’s a total score.

Just in case the secret Turkey Club isn’t available, you must try the roasted turkey sandwich with pickled onions—to die for!Carnation Cafe lunch

The sourdough bacon cheese melt is another Carnation Cafe staple to enjoy.

Carnation Cafe lunch

And because I can’t stay away, I always have new menu items to share. This one is Carnation Cafe’s Chicken Fried Chicken which my husband completely devoured. Carnation Cafe Fried Chicken

Carnation Cafe Disneyland: ExtrasCarnation Cafe Disneyland

Bonus: Watch the replay of our Facebook live discussion on Disneyland food and Carnation Cafe here. If you time it right, you might even be able to catch a bit of the parade going down Main Street while you dine. Seriously, what’s not to love about Carnation Cafe in Disneyland Park?

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4 thoughts on “Carnation Cafe Disneyland Dining Review

  • Jennifer

    Can you order off of the Lunch/Dinner menu during breakfast times?

    A member of our group isn’t a fan of traditional breakfast and really wants to try the Firehouse Chicken Sandwich.

    Thanks for the help!

    • The lunch/dinner menu is only available at those times, but what I would do is schedule the latest breakfast time open and I bet they could accommodate that request. P.S. I’ve heard that sandwich isn’t spicy which is why I skipped it during Mickey’s Halloween Party. I was looking for spicy but my waitress said it wasn’t, so I went with my usual order. 🙂

  • Roxanne Seely

    Carnation Cafe is my favorite breakfast place. The Gluten free menu has plenty of options and the food is simply delicious. I miss the huevos rancheros and wish they would bring them back, but there are still so many options. The wait staff is incredible and I am always treated as if I were an old friend. For me, reservations are a must, don’t risk not being able to get in. In my opinion, this is how the most magical day always gets started.

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