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No need to freak out about a Disneyland Keto vacation—it is possible. You may need to make some substitutions or toss some buns, but it’s nothing Keto-pros and Disneyland Cast Members aren’t accustomed to.Disneyland Keto Foodie guide, get the fuel you need for a Keto Disneyland day and stay on track with your goals. Keto food ideas from every restaurant at Disneyland Resort. #KetoFood #KetoDisney #KetoDisneyland #DisneylandFood

Fuel up at Disneyland with these Keto meals and keep your family fed well with all our food reviews here

The average Disneyland guest walks about 8 miles per day, so you’re totally gonna need the fueling benefits of a Keto diet when visiting Disneyland and I’ve got all the details. Because Disneyland Resort does not publish full ingredients, it can be tricky to determine complete Keto compliance, this article will give you a good start at the very least. Quick service locations can often adjust the sides or remove the bun during the ordering process; sit down Disneyland restaurants are even more Keto friendly. Don’t hesitate to ask for a special request, Disneyland is often more than happy to help with dietary needs.

Disneyland Keto Breakfastdisneyland keto

Your basic Keto breakfast is full of meat, eggs and healthy oils, and you know this if you’ve even dabbled in Keto. Doing a Keto breakfast at Disneyland is easy if you know where to find Keto menu items to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

First stop, breakfast on Main Street, U.S.A. If your first day at Disneyland is like everyone else’s you are walking through those gates and starting out on Main Street. Your Keto Disneyland breakfast is only a few steps away, whether you want to sit down and eat or take it with you to go, here are your options:

  • Market House aka Starbucks will set you back 15 to 20 minutes on a regular in Disneyland morning. Stop here for your coffee needs where you can add heavy cream to your coffee to fuel up on those healthy fats to start your Disney adventure. They also offer a bacon, gouda and egg sandwich or sausage, cheddar and egg sandwich, just toss the carb-loaded breads aside.
  • Carnation Cafe is a sit down restaurant with your basic American cuisine like eggs, omelettes, breakfast meats and more.
  • Jolly Holiday is my favorite breakfast option when not doing Keto because, well croissants. However, this quick service dining option has a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant; so toss the croissant to the side to keep it Keto. You can order this to-go or sit down under the yellow umbrellas and enjoy a Disneyland morning.
  • Plaza Inn is for those with Minnie and Friends advanced dining reservations where chefs are whipping up eggs, made to order omelettes and a variety of breakfast meats. All served buffet style, all you care to enjoy.

As you make your way into other themed lands at Disneyland Park, breakfast options becomes slim, but check the Disneyland app for any updates on menus and dining locations.

  • Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland knows just what the Keto diet wants; order a loaded breakfast sandwich that comes with egg, American cheese, bacon and sausage. Order double sausage patties to use in place of the bun and ditch the hash browns.
  • Red Rose Tavern in Fantasyland is likely where you’ll end up if you’ve got little ones. A Keto breakfast here consists of the breakfast platter with eggs and bacon. See if they’ll sub out the potatoes and croissant for extra bacon. You can also try the breakfast sandwich with ham, cheesy egg soufflé and bacon—of course minus the bun.
  • River Belle Terrace in Frotinerland is where I’m talking short rib skillet for breakfast! It includes slow-cooked short ribs and sunny side-up eggs. Ask for substitutions for the potatoes and Texas toast and you’ll be good to go.

There are also a couple Keto breakfasts at California Adventure Park including:

  • Fiddler, Fifer and Practical on Buena Vista Street is your California Adventure Starbucks option, serving coffee (pile on the heavy cream!) and some Keto breakfast eats. Find a bacon, gouda and egg sandwich (toss the carbs), along with a sausage or ham, cheddar or Swiss and egg sandwich.
  • Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land hosts your Keto eats with an America Breakfast plate—scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes and a biscuit (ask to sub for bacon instead).

Disneyland Keto Mealsketo disneyland

Moving into the main meals of the day, we’ve gotta keep it Keto at Disneyland for lunch and dinner. A couple notes: without the full list of ingredients sometimes it can be tricky to determine complete Keto compliance. About Substitutions:Quick service locations can often adjust the sides or remove the bun during the ordering process; sit down Disneyland restaurants are even more Keto friendly. Don’t hesitate to ask for a special request, Disneyland is often more than happy to help with dietary needs.

Keto Salads for sustained energy

  • Alien Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland has some Keto grilled chicken salad options.
  • Blue Bayou, you know the one inside Pirates of the Caribbean offers seasonal menus but usually has a beef salad.
  • Carnation Cafe on Main Street, U.S.A. offers grilled chicken salad options and a shrimp salad.
  • Cocina Cucamonga offers fish tacos and chicken salad with side substitutions.
  • Carthay Circle has shrimp, salmon, salads.
  • Lamplight Lounge for grilled chicken salad options, salmon.
  • Pictured above is a salad from off-site dining The Pizza Press on Harbor.

Disneyland Keto Fuel meat, meat and more meat

Fried Chicken at Plaza Inn.
No mashed potatoes for you, ask for double green beans
  • Burgers in abundance and variety—ask for a lettuce-wrapped burger at Carnation Cafe, Carthay Circle, Flo’s V8 Cafe, Galactic Grill, Hungry Bear, Lamplight Lounge, Red Rose Tavern and Smokejumpers Grill.
  • Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland is a Keto haven with beef skewers and bacon-wrapped asparagus skewers, ask for sauces on the side.
  • Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square has roasted chicken, fresh catch of the day, pork loin, surf and turf, prime rib.
  • Carnation Cafe on Main Street, U.S.A has a bacon-cheese melt worth diving into.
  • Cafe Orleans offers shrimp and steak, be sure to substitute sides.
  • Cocina Cucamonga has a tasty half chicken plate with side substitutions at the ready.
  • Carthay Circle roasted chicken and other seasonal menu offerings.
  • Flo’s V8 Cafe pork ribs and burgers without the bun.
  • French Market order a pulled pork sandwich without the bun or half roasted chicken for a filling meal.
  • Jolly Holiday roast beef with lettuce wrap bun.
  • Lucky Fortune Cookery beef or chicken bowl without rice.
  • Plaza Inn fried chicken (remove the skin) or baked chicken, ask for double green beans on the side.
  • Poultry Palace chicken drumstick box and turkey leg.
  • Rancho del Zocalo dive into a half roasted chicken, carne asada platter and keto side dishes.
  • River Belle Terrace try the beef short ribs, pork spareribs, half chicken, fish, beef brisket or pulled pork, watch out for the sauces or order on the side.
  • Turkey legs can be found throughout the resort, but be aware these likely have been soaking in brown sugar before cooking.Turkey Leg Disneyland

Eating Keto at Disneyland isn’t as hard as it seems. And if the popcorn and carbs are calling you, make it a point to eat at least two Keto meals per day and limit the carb-filled snacks to a bite or handful of someone else’s snack (look over there—it’s Mickey Mouse!). Tell us, were you able to stay on track during vacation? What Keto food did you like best at Disneyland?All the Keto food at Disneyland. Lists for every restaurant and what to eat to stay fueled. #DisneylandKeto #TravelKeto #KetoFood #DisneylandFood

4 thoughts on “Disneyland Keto Foodie Guide

  • Terri

    Still here at Disneyland and I appreciate the advice. Today we went to River Belle for lunch and I had the wedge salad, which comes with bacon and bleu cheese, and the server recommended adding brisket. That was fabulous. I ate some of the ranch dressing it comes with but mostly I used some oil and vinegar packets that I had.

    Yesterday we went to the Lamplighter Lounge in DCA. I asked the server and he recommended the burger, lettuce-wrapped. I liked that.

    So far I am doing it! Really staying keto at Disneyland! I feel so much better than I did when I was eating carbs!!!

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