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Minnie & Friends Character Dining

Minnie & Friends character dining at Disneyland Park. Dine with Minnie and other classic Disney characters over breakfast at Plaza Inn on Main Street, U.S.A.


Minnie Mouse Breakfast Plaza Inn



Having a meal or breakfast with Disney characters is the highlight of many guests’ visits to Disneyland Resort. Here’s all the details on dining with Minnie Mouse and your favorite classic characters.

Minnie & Friends Character Dining Location

Where is Minnie & Friends breakfast at Disneyland located? Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park is located at Plaza Inn on Main Street, U.S.A. As you walk in down Main Street, you’ll find the restaurant off to your right with the pink umbrellas.


Minne & Friends character dining button


You will need valid theme park reservation and admission to enter Disneyland Park, along with a dining reservation.

If your reservation is scheduled before or right at normal park operating hours, find the gate labeled “character breakfast” to be admitted in time for your reservation.

Minnie & Friends Character Dining Price

How much is Minnie & Friends breakfast at Disneyland? $41 for adults and $24 for children (last verified September 2021). Valid theme park admission is required.


Plaza Inn Breakfast price 2021


If the price tag is tough to swallow, let me break it down for you a bit. I’ve been several times to various character meals with my kids and even just with friends. I enjoy them that much!

At first, I struggled with the price point. I didn’t want to pay for all of us to dine with characters we regularly meet in the parks. Especially now that characters are even easier to find with the Disneyland App and random sightings around the parks.

But let me tell you, I have had so many incredible experiences at Plaza Inn Minnie & Friends character dining at Disneyland Park, that I have gone multiple times on my own dime. 


Rafiki at Minnie & Friends character dining

Pre-2020, you could think of it as paying to see the characters, with breakfast included. You could hug, chat and take all kinds of photos with the characters as they roamed nearby. 

It is that coveted one-on-one time with Disney characters I enjoy the most— otherwise you would just dine anywhere at the Disneyland Resort.

2021 and Reopening Updates

Things are different for a bit. No more selfies like the one above, but be prepared for other photo ops! My friends Becca from This Crazy Adventure Called Life, Leslie from Trips with Tykes are pictured below ready to snap that selfie.


Selfie Disney Characters


Whereas before I thought of it as characters with breakfast, now as is I think of it as breakfast with characters. The limited interactions as characters walk by to me means I’m paying more for the food and the characters are a bonus. Before that was flipped.

Minnie & Friends Breakfast Characters

Obviously you’re here to meet all the Disney characters possible, and while the line-up can and does change, Minnie Mouse is a guaranteed meet and greet right when you walk in. Pre-2020 meet and greet pictured below.


Minnie & Friends character dining


Before getting set up at your table, your group will meet Minnie Mouse here in front of her herb garden. She’s all set with her apron and ready for her close up.


Minnie Mouse breakfast


In 2021 and maybe a bit longer, you’ll greet Minnie Mouse here and pose for photos in front of the cart. Your pictures here are temporarily included in your breakfast price and you can download them from the app. 

You’ll be able to download these photos for free or if the free option isn’t available you can purchase the photo in this cute keepsake frame brought to your table.


Minnie & Friends character dining photo book


What characters will I meet during my Minnie & Friends breakfast at Disneyland? Character selections vary but you can count of meeting Minnie Mouse and possibly these Disney characters (ones I saw in 2021 have an *):

  • Chip*
  • Dale*
  • Daisy*
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Tigger*
  • Eeyore


Tigger breakfast window


  • Rafiki
  • Max
  • Pinocchio
  • Honest John
  • Gideon
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Captain Hook


Minnie & Friends character dining


In 2021, characters make regular rotations throughout the restaurant in parade form so you’ll have plenty of times to watch them go by and wave. 

Who else have you seen at Minnie & Friends? Add your Disney character encounters to the comments, especially if you’ve been in 2021 or later. 

Minnie & Friends Character Dining Food

Breakfast is served via buffet style. I suggest getting several plates at with a variety of food at the beginning and serve those family style at your table, that way you aren’t at the buffet when a favorite character comes by. 


Minnie & Friends Character Dining


I enjoyed a made-to-order veggie omelet with Mickey waffles  (sometimes they even have Minnie Waffles!) and a fountain drink. You’ll also find a variety of fresh fruit, pastries, cereals and more. 


Jennifer P Minnie waffles
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Pardilla


They also have ample juice selections, sodas, coffee and more.



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What else would you like to know about this Disneyland dining experience?


Plaza Inn Main Street Disneyland


Leave your questions or comment below. Minnie & Friends character dining is simply not to be missed, I know I’ll be doing it again!

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