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River Belle Terrace at Disneyland is one of the places I keep coming back to, especially when I have a large group of kids hanging out with me for the day.River Belle Terrace

The meals at River Belle Terrace are crowd-pleasing and easy to share. The seating both indoors and outdoors make for a perfect Disneyland day. Reservations are recommended but some walk up spots might be available.

River Belle Terrace Atmosphere

Overlooking the Rivers of America in Frontierland, you really can’t ask for more iconic spot to sit and relax at Disneyland. River Belle Terrace has dining both indoors and outdoors with ample seating.

River Belle Terrace outside


If you’re hitting that sweet spot of around 70° to 80° you’ll love sitting outside under the shade of an umbrella and watching the Mark Twain Riverboat go by. 


River Belle terrace inside


When it’s a little cooler or maybe the temps have topped 90°, you’ll want to head inside for dining at River Belle Terrace. I really enjoyed eating inside because the dining room wasn’t overly crowded for our group of six. The round tables are well situated for large groups and there’s plenty of space. 

River Belle Terrace Menu

River Belle Terrace is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it is one of the few sit-down restaurants available for breakfast.


Breakfast River Belle Terrace


The menu at Riverbelle Terrace is full of down-home cooking and is sure to please everyone in your group. 

River Belle breakfast menu Disneyland


You can explore the current menu online or via the Disneyland app. This is some hardy breakfast food including short rib skillet featuring slow-cooked short rib, eggs, potatoes and Texas toast.

I’ve always enjoyed lunch at River Belle Terrace, and the menu is the same for dinner but the portions either way are massive. This location is perfect if you’re looking to save some money and split meals. I easily split the pulled pork entrees between two kids. I usually order the friend chicken sandwich with a little kick to it. 

River Belle Terrace food


On the side of most entrees you get a side of baked beans along with your choice of coleslaw, tater bites or seasonal vegetables. I have to confess though—I’ve never made it to the dessert menu here. Everything is so delicious and satisfying, I’ve been missing out on the famous monkey bread with cinnamon sugar . . . sounds amazing!


River Belle terrace food


The kids menu isn’t the most kid-friendly thing you’ll see in the parks and is quite small compared to some others. Here’s a list of my top kid meals at Disneyland Resort to make planning a little easier


River Belle Terrace Menu

River Belle Terrace Allergy Menu

If you’re eating Gluten-free at Disneyland, I have an entire article dedicated to you! Be sure to read about what you can order for certain allergies in that article as well.


River Belle Terrace Allergy Menu


Typically, the gluten-free menu at River Belle Terrace includes:

  • Gluten-free cheeseburger
  • Gluten-free picnic salad
  • Gluten-free kids’ hamburger
  • Gluten-free strawberry fruit bar

River Belle Terrace Fantasmic

Are you looking to score actual seats for the night show Fantasmic? An upgraded viewing from River Belle Terrace might be just the thing you’re looking for!

Fantasmic front row


River Belle Terrance reserved viewing offers two options:

  1. Dine for lunch or dinner with a Fantasmic! dining option for $45 for ages 10+ and $25 for children 
  2. Upgrade to 8:00pm dining and enjoy the show from your table for an extra $15-25 per person.

Fantasmic dining packages are available 60 days in advance and must be reserved via the Fantasmic dining page. Not just any River Belle Terrace reservation will do. Your meal includes a starter (house salad, corn chowder), an entree (eight choices, similar to the River Belle Terrance regular menu) and dessert (Maleficent Dragon “Fantasmic!” Dessert, strawberry shortcake, butterscotch pudding).

Fantasmic reserved spot


Reserved space will be along Rivers of America or at your seat if you choose the 8:00pm upgraded option. If you decide to do the upgraded, 8:00 pm option please note that the earlier you secure your reservation, the better your seat will be.

Have you dined at River Belle Terrace in Disneyland? I want to hear from you! 

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