10 California Adventure Meals for $10

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10 California Adventure Meals for $10, it’s like Genie himself showed up with a magic lamp at the Hyperion again. Eating at California Adventure is a treat in itself, but we know you don’t want to spend tons of hard-earned cash on dining in the parks.Meals for Disney

I love California Adventure and it has really earned its spot in the Disney Parks lineup. Any time I can manage to fit in an extra trip, I always stop over in California Adventure.

Food can be a huge chunk of your Disneyland Resort spending, so today we’re talking 10 California Adventure meals for right around $10 so you can eat, play and have a magical trip even on a budget. Plus, don’t forget to check out our companion post, 10 Disneyland Meals for $10.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Award Wieners

You’ll find this winner in Hollywood Land with a shaded seating area nearby.  From chili cheese dogs to BBQ hot links and Italian sausages, everything on the menu here is priced at about $10 or less.

Award Wieners Disneyland

I love the Uptown Chili Dog, an all-beef hot dog topped with chili, pepper jack cheese and Fritos with a side of fries. Order this meal and more on the Disneyland mobile app to save time.  The kid meal is a mini all-beef dog, perfect for smaller tummies. 

Angry Dogs

Find more hot dog offerings at Angry Dog on Pixar Pier, plus get a picture with Anger from Inside Out as you order. 

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Fiddler, Fifer & Practical

buena vista street

Where is this place? You probably walked right past it on Buena Vista Street as you entered the park. Turn around and head back for some shopping and stop to eat breakfast for just about $10. Choose from breakfast wraps and sandwiches, coffees and Starbucks drink. Read more on Disneyland Resort breakfasts here.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

disneyland pizza

For about $10, you can get a slice of pizza and any of their pasta offerings at Paradise Gardens Park. Or go in as a group and grab a whole pizza for about $40 (oh my goodness, did I just say one pizza is $40? eek!). A variety of salads are also on the menu for less than $10.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Corn Dog Castle

Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort

Also located at Paradise Gardens Park, it’s the famed Disneyland corn dogs you can chow down on at California Adventure. It’s under $10 and comes with a bag of chips or sliced apples. You can also order your corn dog a la carte.

The one pictured above was a Halloween Time seasonal offering, be on the look out for menu changes because those are some delicious corn dogs!

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Cozy Cone Motel

Need a quick place to rest? Each of the Cozy Cone’s offer a different snack option and while I completely consider churros, popcorn and pretzel bites with cheese sauce a good dinner, you should consider grabbing Chili Con Queso for your under $10 meal.

cozy cone

The beef chili is served in a bread cone and topped with cheese and corn chips to warm you up during a crisp evening in Cars Land.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10: Flo’s V8 Cafe

Get your engines running right over to Flo’s. A perfect place to rest and enjoy the scenery in Cars Land; you can get anything from their menu for a bit over $10.


 Pot pie, salads, and your basic burger hover at around $10-11. Need more healthy ideas for Disneyland dining? Don’t miss our Healthy Disneyland Dining Guide.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Cocina Cucamonga

10 California Adventure Meals for $10, Disneyland budget tips from The Happiest Blog on Earth. Photo credit Disneyland Resort.
Photo credit Disneyland Resort.

This one is really pushing the $10 limit. For a couple more bucks you can get a really delicious meal that’s not your typical theme park food, which is why I decided to include it anyway. Soft tacos monterrey with either beef or chicken or fish taco plate. Enjoy your food a the water front local of Pacific Wharf.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Pacific Wharf Cafe

I would go to California Adventure right now just for some broccoli and cheese soup in a sourdough bread bowl. Mmmm. I always tend to eat these in the dark evening hours to warm up. The photo below is a smaller size option available during Food & Wine Festival so rest assured, your money goes even further here. 

White cheddar soup

Three different soup varieties to choose from, plus a turkey pesto club and salads all for about $10. Plus, you can’t beat the setting overlooking the water and Pixar Pal-A-Round.

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Paradise Garden Grill

Another Paradise Gardens Park Favorite, the menu here is constantly changing. From Asian inspired cuisine during Lunar New Year to Food & Wine Festival and holiday delights in November and December

Lunar New Year egg roll

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Smokejumpers Grill

Relax in this often uncrowded area of Grizzly Peak, here you’ll find the classics like burgers and nuggets, salads and sandwiches that average about $12 per plate served with fries and/or coleslaw.

Smoke Jumpers Grill inside
Photo courtesy Disneyland Resort

10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Studio Catering

Tucked back in Hollywood Land, a lot of people miss this one. Fill up on nachos, carne asada tacos and other good food truck eats for less than $10. 

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10 California Adventure Meals for $10 | Poultry Palace 

poultry palace

Poultry Palace on Pixar Pier takes the cake with its drumstick box at just under $10. You can also order the famous turkey leg and get your picture with an oversized toy Zurg right here. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Poultry palace zurg

Now that we’ve covered 10 California Adventure meals for $10, I am ready to go raid the fridge, what about you?!

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  • Ty

    Couldn’t quite make it to 10 under $10 could ya. 8 under $10 just doesn’t have the ring to it (though it’s much more accurate and isn’t misleading).

    • Couldn’t quite read the article could ya? 😉 There are 10 places listed and more than one meal suggestion at each, totaling about 20 suggestions for about $10 each. Thanks for keeping me on my toes Ty!

        • Ashley Russell

          Ty, I’m not sure if you are aware how you are coming off, but it’s not pleasant or helpful. You kind of just seem like you are having a bad day and nit picking. Also, you may want to proofread your own comments if you are going to offer suggestions on writing. 😉

          • Ty

            Just giving you some tips. Didn’t realize I was writing for The Times. Just good to give readers what they are expecting when they click on a headline. No reason to become defensive.

  • Christina

    The sour dough bread bowl, but with clam chowder is my favorite for sure! But I haven’t actually had any of the other things except the corn dogs. My husband would say the corn dogs are his favorite. Every time we go I THINK about trying some of the other food, but some how my taste buds always pull me to the clam chowder ???? I guess the Lobster Nachos at Cove Bar are over $10 huh? Because that would be my second choice. And you can get them with chicken if you don’t like lobster. I love all seafood but my husband isn’t fan, so a couple years ago we tried it with chicken and it was just as tasty and plenty to share! Mmmm…yeah I’m ready to go back again! ????

  • We love Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta! Definitely a great deal and very filling. Thanks for sharing the other places. We’ll have to try them out the next time we go!

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