Quick Guide to Disneyland Parking

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Quick guide to Disneyland parking. Complete parking tips for your Disneyland vacation.Disneyland Parking

Heading to Disneyland? Don’t let parking slow you down. We’ve got all the Disneyland parking secrets, parking hours and directions and the best place to park at Disneyland Resort. 

Disneyland Parking

There are several Disneyland Parking areas to choose from when parking at Disneyland Resort. This article explains each area, along with tips for parking in that section and which is best for you depending on direction of travel, kids, pets and more.

What time does Disneyland parking open?what time does disneyland parking open

Disneyland Resort parking lots open at least one hour before Disneyland opens, but may open even earlier. Here’s a snapshot of your basic parking options for a day at Disneyland Resort.

Mickey and Friends Disneyland Parking

  • Mickey and Friends parking structure opens 90 minutes before Disneyland Park‘s opening time. If Disneyland Park is hosting Magic Morning at 8 am with a regular park opening at 9 am, the parking lot will open at 6:30 am. If there is no Magic Morning scheduled and the park opens at 9 am, Mickey and Friends will open at 7:30 am. 
  • Mickey and Friends parking fee is $25 per day, with in and out privileges for regular sized vehicles. 
  • Easy access if traveling on the 5 south. 
  • Park here if you’re bringing your pet to the Disneyland kennel

Toy Story Disneyland Parking Lot

  • Toy Story parking lot opens one hour before scheduled theme park opening time. On days featuring Magic Morning at Disneyland Park, the Toy Story lot will open 90 minutes prior.  If Disneyland Park is hosting Magic Morning at 8 am with a regular park opening at 9 am, the parking lot will open at 6:30 am. If there is no Magic Morning scheduled and the park opens at 9 am, Toy Story lot will open at 8 am. 
  • Toy Story parking lot parking fee is $25 per day, with in and out privileges for regular sized vehicles. 
  • Easy access if traveling on the 5 north. 

Downtown Disney District Parking Lot

  • Downtown Disney District parking lot opens one hour before scheduled theme park opening time
  • No theme park parking available. 
  • Downtown Disney parking fee is $14 per hour, validation with minimum spending may be permitted. 

How much does Disneyland parking cost?

Disneyland parking prices increased on January 6, 2019. Theme park parking is $25 per day for cars and motorcycles, with additional fees for oversized vehicles, motor homes and tractors without trailers or for buses and tractors with extended trailers. Preferred parking is available at Mickey and Friends parking structure for a daily rate of $40 per car. Parking prices are subject to change at any time.

How do I pay for Disneyland parking?

Pay at any parking area booth with cash, card, Disney gift card (read about all the things you can buy with Disney gift cards here) or Disney vouchers. In and out access for the day is allowed. After parking you will take a tram, shuttle bus or walkway to the Disneyland main gates. More details on that below.

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Mickey and Friends Disneyland Parking

Disneyland Parking

Located on Disney Drive and Ball Road; if you are coming from the 5 Southbound, exit at Disneyland Dr./Ball Rd. and stay in the left lanes for theme park parking. If you’re carpooling, stay in the carpool lane and use the carpool exit for Disneyland Drive.

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Six stories of parking with restrooms, elevators and escalators lead you to the security check point and tram for a ride to Disneyland Resort’s main entrance.

Disneyland Parking

As you head down the escalator for security screening, get a bird’s eye view on the security lines and decide which line you’ll head toward. Security screening is currently on the first level of the parking garage, but you must go down the escalator to access it.

After clearing security, make your way to the tram. Also note that children may not ride in strollers while abroad the tram. Strollers must be folded up unless you snag one of the coveted extra large rows. But even then, kids must be removed from the stroller.

Disneyland Parking
Disneyland Resort Parking Tips. © The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Tram rides are quick and convenient but if you’re 6 feet tall or more, these seats might be a little tight. It’s a short ride over, but be prepared. Note: if you’re bringing your pet to Disneyland, park in Mickey and Friends. EV charging stations are also located in Mickey and Friends on the second level.

Disneyland Parking
Disneyland Parking: tram rides and more.

Toy Story Lot Disneyland Parking

Disneyland Parking
Toy Story Disneyland Parking shuttle

Toy Story Shuttle Lot is an uncovered parking area located on Harbor Blvd near the Anaheim Convention Center. If you are coming from the 5 freeway northbound, you’ll likely find yourself here. This area is open regularly and also serves as overflow when Mickey and Friends is full. You’ll be taken via Toy Story shuttle bus to Disneyland Resort’s main entrance. Security checkpoints for the Toy Story parking lot is located just steps away from the main gates of Disneyland and California Adventure. Note: if you’re bringing your pet to Disneyland, park in Mickey and Friends.


Downtown Disney District Disneyland Parking

Parking at Downtown Disney changes effective August 16, 2017. Free parking is no longer available. Downtown Disney parking is now $14 for each hour. Pay with cash, card, gift card or vouchers. You can get Downtown Disney parking for “free” with validation and minimum spending. 

Validation Options

  • 2 hours free with any $20 purchase and validation from any Downtown Disney location (including quick service and kiosks)
  • 4 hours free with validation from any Downtown Disney table-service restaurant. I’ve listed all of the places to eat at Downtown Disney here.
Disneyland Parking
Disneyland Security | Parking and Security | Disney

Resort Hotels Disneyland Parking

If you’re staying at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels, you are still required to pay a nightly parking fee of $25 per night, additional fees for oversized vehicles.

Disneyland Parking
Disneyland character breakfast at PCH Grill.

Dining at an onsite restaurant for a romantic night out or maybe for a character breakfast? Get 3-5 hours free with validation from select hotel restaurants. After your validation time expires, there’s an additional fee so be sure to set a timer on your phone. Parking includes ground level and parking structure options. Remember, there is no theme park or Downtown Disney parking at any of the Disneyland Resort hotel. You can pay with cash, card, gift card or vouchers.

Disneyland Pick Up & Drop Off

If you’re simply doing a quick pick up or drop off at Disneyland Resort, this information is for you!

Disneyland Pick Up & Drop Off Area
Disneyland Pick Up & Drop Off Area

Travel north on Harbor Blvd toward the 5 freeway. Before you reach the pedestrian walkway, turn left into the pick up and drop off area. If you’re traveling south on Harbor toward Disney Way, turn right into the pick up and drop off area which is just past the pedestrian crosswalk and bus/shuttle drop off area. Let us know if you have any Disneyland parking questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer.

28 thoughts on “Quick Guide to Disneyland Parking

  • Elizabeth V

    Where can I park on a residential street and Uber in? Had a horrific experience waiting in a crazy line for almost 2 hrs in the freezing cold in December waiting for the shuttle to the overflow parking so now I really just want to Uber in but not sure where I can leave the car? Thanks

  • Gayle

    What you left out in this article is that there is EV charging stations located in the second level of the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

  • Kristine Peterson

    We are renting a condo near disneyland & will need an additional parking spot for about 48 hours. Does anyone have ideas? I’m totally willing to pay, but everywhere I’ve checked says they don’t offer overnight parking.

    • Hey Kristine, you could try two places that come to mind. 1 The Anaheim Hotel allows day parking (when space is open) but you could ask about overnight. 2 Try ARTIC where the public transportation hub is. Last time I checked they allowed overnight parking, technically for those using the train and stuff but it’s worth checking.

  • KDH

    Hi There.
    I am hoping to get some information on Uber/Lyft pick up around midnight when the park closes. Where do we go? Should we schedule ahead of time? Uber or Lyft preference? How do we connect with our driver? Any other advice? Thank you in advance!

    • Thanks for your question! It’s super easy. See the image of the pick up and drop off area? That is where Uber/Lyft drivers go to pick you up and they usually circle the area at night when Disneyland closes, so you shouldn’t have any problems. I like to request one just as I walk out the gates and then walk quickly over to the pick up area. Download the Uber or Lyft app, most drivers actually work for both at the same time so choose whichever fits your needs (prices will be very comparable) and book. I love using Uber/Lyft after a long Disneyland day!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Jessica! We leave tomorrow so I am very appreciative of your quick reply! Last weekend, we were at the Hollywood Bowl and wanted to get a Lyft after the concert. To say that it was complete madness is a massive understatement. I’m anxious that it will be a similar situation when the park closes around midnight. Can you please advise on how to find your driver amidst the pick-up chaos?

        • Hollywood Bowl is complete madness, Hollywood itself from 4PM and on it complete madness, if you’re using your own car or a ride share. I hope you enjoyed the show there though! It won’t be anything like the scale of that at Disneyland Resort. And do use this pick up space, because nearby hotel parking lots might be tempting but most display a specific “no Uber/Lyft drop off” signs. The apps both allow you to track your driver, and see make and model of the car. When it’s crowded, often my driver will call me and say, “I’m waving” or “I’ve put my hazard lights on” so I can find them in the crowd. I’d love to hear back how it goes. Have a blast!

  • S. Thakkar

    The last time we went, the parking + tram took extremely long; especially on the way home. It was hell, actually. Our current plan is for me to drop off the family at a pickup/drop-off location, tram it myself, and meet them in the park. Conversely, on the way home, I’d go get the car, and pick them up again at a pickup location. Any advise or warnings for our plan?

    • The way the tram is these days, I say go for it. There’s nothing to stop you from that plan- just make sure you have your ticket so you can meet them in the parks with no problem. Also having a meeting time and place is smart just incase your cell coverage isn’t super great. I’d love to know how this ends up working out for you afterward. Thanks!

  • Chya

    For families that are staying in area hotels or vacation houses near the Mickey and Friends garage, is the tram available for non-parking users? I have read mixed reviews. Thank you.

  • Dea

    I really appreciate Disneyland’s new security and their effort to keep us safe. However our last experience last week while visiting left me very anxious and insecure. We parked in Mickey and friends parking garage where we had to get in a group of people down below like a bunch of sitting ducks to a possible lunatic in the parking garage after the wake of the Las Vegas shooting I think this arrangement needs to be fixed. Cars are not checked before entering the parking garage. We ended up paying for parking and we left because of the anxious feeling standing there waiting like a bunch of cattle in a corral. I know Disneyland is doing their best to keep us safe and secure I do think somethings need to be tweaked. This parking and security arrangement has me rethinking whether or not I will be renewing my annual passes.

    Sincerely a concerned parent of two.

    • Dea, thank you for taking the time to comment. I agree, things need to change. Any time a large group is gathered makes us potential targets. Very sad in this day and age. Tragedy can occur anywhere. I am certain that Disney security is always looking at ways to improve. I would like to see dogs checking cars as they pull in, among other security measures. It’s unfortunate we have to even discuss this. I hope that changes are coming so we can all feel at ease when visiting. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

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