Pets at Disneyland

If you’re planning to bring your pet to Disneyland, we have Disneyland tips just for you including information on the Disneyland Resort Kennel Club.

It’s not always easy to go on vacation when you have to leave your dog or pet behind. Even if you’re just doing a day trip to Disneyland, we have helpful planning advice for you and your pet at Disneyland. This is “Pets at Disneyland”, practical advice for bringing your pet along to Disneyland Resort.

NOTE: the Disneyland Kennel Club has NOT reopened since the 2020 closure. 

Disneyland Kennel Club Details

Did you know that Disneyland has a Kennel Club located on the east side of the esplanade? It’s tucked away just to the side of the stroller rentals and provides a climate-controlled environment for pets to stay during the day.


Pets at Disneyland


Before you bring your pet with you to Disneyland, there’s a few things you need to do in advance of visiting the Disneyland Kennel Club. 

Disneyland Kennel Club Location

The Disneyland Kennel Club sits quietly on the east side of Disneyland’s main gates—that’s the right hand side if you’re looking directly at Disneyland.

If you’re coming for the day and using Disney parking,  The Mickey and Friends or Pixar Pal parking structure offers pet-friendly transportation to Disneyland.

And it should go without saying, do not leave your pet in the car while you’re at Disneyland. Even with the windows rolled down, in a parking structure is not a safe environment for pets or humans. 

What to Bring to the Disneyland Kennel Club

Proof of vaccination for dogs and cats is required. Your up-to-date paper work from the veterinarian should include name, address, phone number, pet’s owner, complete description of the pet, dates of each vaccination and the name, address and phone number of each vet that administered the vaccines.


Pets at Disneyland. Practical advice for bringing your pet along to Disneyland.


A letter stating vaccinations will not be accepted and there are no exceptions. Be prepared to show the proper forms before you arrive at Disneyland. 

You can also bring a leash, blankets, toys, food and other items to help your pet feel like royalty at The Happiest Place on Earth. 

What to Expect at the Disneyland Kennel Club

Disney wants to make sure your pet is comfortable and has all the love and attention they deserve during their stay.

It’s also important to note that Disneyland attendants are not allowed to handle pets, but can fill water bowls that are within reach.  Instead, they ask that you come to walk relieve your pet at least every four hours. Disney MaxPass makes it easy to accomplish taking care of your pup and riding all the rides you came to experience



There is an exercise yard nearby to take your pet for a quick walk right on Disneyland property with artificial grass and hedges. There are also areas just outside the resort on Harbor Blvd. that provides a great place for a quick walk with live grass and hedges.

When you check your pet out for a walk or even for an extended time to hang out at your hotel, be certain to tell the attendant you’re out for a long walk. Otherwise they may give your spot to another pet.

Disneyland Kennel Club Hours & Price

The Disneyland Kennel Club opens about 30 minutes before park opening (including Magic Morning). Reservations are NOT accepted, so I suggest you arrive 30-60 minutes before park opening to secure your pet’s spot at the Disneyland Kennel Club. Pick up is required no later than 30 minutes after park closing.

How much is the Disneyland Kennel Club?

The price for boarding at the Disneyland Resort Kennel Club is $20 per pet, per day. This price has been in place since 2015. Families with multiple dogs may be offered the option to board compatible pets together in a single kennel. However, the $20 per pet, per day fee will still apply to each individual pet.fee is just $20 per pet, per day. You can call 714-781-7662 for current pricing and policies.

Dogs, Cats and other Pets

Disneyland Kennel Club accepts dogs and cats over four months with proper proof of vaccinations. Small (legal to the state of California) pets like birds, rabbits and select rodents may stay at the Kennel Club if they are in their own carrier and do not need any vaccination records.

Disneyland Pet Prep

You’re ready to go to Disneyland with a bunch of Mickey gear (shirts, backpacks, ears) but is your pet ready for his Disneyland appearance?

First, make sure your pet dresses the part with this all the Disney costumes for pets. How adorable are these? Disney Pet Costumes

Next up, these travel dog bowls are perfect for any Disneyland road trip and for using while on the go. They collapse easily and pop up when needed.

Mickey Chew Toy Dog

We know you’ll be enjoying lots of delicious treats at Disneyland, so why not grab a little something for your pup? My top picks is this Mickey Mouse vinyl squeak ice cream bar chew toy and the Mickey Waffle toy. Dogs love Mickey treats too!

Pet Friendly Disneyland Hotels

When you’re heading to Disneyland we can’t forget hotels. Currently none of the Disney owned hotels allow pets on site, but there are still tons of options close by. When searching hotel packages with Get Away Today, simply select “pet friendly” under the amenities option.


Anaheim Hotel Pool


You can book discount hotel rooms from our partners at Get Away Today,  and don’t forget to use promo code DisneylandPan for extra savings on 2 nights or more! Plus get discount Disneyland tickets here so both you and your pet at Disneyland will have a magical vacation!

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