That Time I Got Sick at Disneyland

That time I got sick at Disneyland. It wasn’t fun, but I was able to find a place to rest and recoup during a visit to Disneyland that couldn’t be rescheduled. See what I mean in my story below and how it can help you during your Disneyland vacation.Sick at Disneyland

Emergency Rooms Near Disneyland

Before we get into the details, I want to share this fantastic resource provided by my reader Michelle. Thank you Michelle for putting this together and providing handy information that hopefully none of us will need. 

Emergency Room Near Disneyland Address Minutes from Disneyland Hours
Anaheim Global Medical Center 1025 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim 92805 7 24 hours
UCI Medical Center 101 The City Dr S, Orange 92868 10 24 hours
Garden Grove Hospital 12601 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove 92843 12 24 hours
CHOC Hospital (Childrens’ ER) 1201 W La Veta Ave, Orange 92868 11 24 hours
St Joseph Hospital Orange 1100 W Stewart Dr, Orange 92868 11 24 hours
AHMC Anaheim (N of DLR) 1111 W LA Palma Ave, Anaheim 92801 10 24 hours

If any of the above links have changed, please comment below so I can keep them updated. 

Don’t Go To Disneyland if You’re Sick

We’ve all been through this lovely time of life together. No longer is it simply okay to “push through” feeling sick or hoping “it’s just allergies.” I am certain you know better than that. But for the sake of my conscience I must be clear. If you’re sick, if your kids are sick, if anyone in your party is unwell, stay home or stay put in your hotel. Do not go to Disneyland sick.


Disney Store Cloth Face Masks


The days of “pushing through” an illness because you don’t want to waste a vacation or miss out on the fun are over. Disneyland will be there when you’re well. 

Plus, when you purchase your vacation through my preferred travel partner, you’re already entitled to certain vacation protection. Read more about their own peace of mind plan here. 

I Got Sick at Disneyland

First things first, I did not get sick from going to Disneyland. I was not contagious at Disneyland. I was not spreading germs to everyone else at Disneyland. Here’s what happened. 


Galaxy's Edge Disneyland model


Years before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened, it was my goal and intention to be there opening day. As my website grew and became my full time job, the need to cover this moment in Disneyland history became even more important to me. 

A few months before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened, I got put on a new medication for my rheumatoid arthritis (I’m in good shape now, but I’ve thought through doing Disneyland in a wheelchair in case I might need to some day). I hated that medicine. Every week I’d spend 3-4 days feeling nauseous. But I pushed through and my doctor told me that was normal. I dealt with it “just fine” at home. 


opening galaxys edge


When the day came to open Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge I was personally on edge. If you recall, there were reservations to enter the land and a TIME LIMIT. A time limit to cover everything I possibly could from Star Wars food to souvenirs kids could actually afford, to the ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

I felt a lot of (self-inflicted) pressure to do the job. A job no single person could do in four hours. Luckily, I did get entrance into the land a handful of times that weekend, but it was still a ton of pressure. 

That morning I went to breakfast at River Belle Terrace with my group of friends and felt completely off. My brain was foggy and I couldn’t focus. Things were kinda a blur. 


Breakfast at Disneyland


Soon enough I realized this day was going to turn out different than I planned. 

That’s when I booked it to the restroom and lost everything I ate that morning. I stood there over the toilet thinking, “Awesome, we’re gonna do this then? Yup we’re doing this.”

I always carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with me at Disneyland, so I was in decent shape as far as that goes. I cleaned up and made it back to my friends. But because of the pressure I put on myself, I refused to go back to my hotel room. Our time to enter Galaxy’s Edge was about to begin and there were no do-overs. 


Disneyland with Kids Ogas


Instead of hitting up Star Wars, I made my way to the first aid center where I called my doctor and talked to the nurses on staff at Disneyland. 

Disneyland First Aid Center

I was at first a little concerned going to the First Aid Center for my first time. I didn’t want it to be intrusive or take up a lot of my precious time. 




But I was so glad I went there. Here’s a few things you might like to know about the Disneyland First Aid Center if you find out you need to make a visit. 

  • It is free to visit
  • Over the counter remedies are free
  • You sign in and out with basic information

The Disneyland First Aid Center is located to the right hand side of Main Street, just before Plaza Inn and on the path toward The Little Red Wagon. You know, the Corn Dog Cart. It’s the blue marker on the map below. 


Disneyland Park first aid


At California Adventure it is right by Chamber of Commerce on Buena Vista Street. It’s on the left hand side when you walk in the gates just passed Oswald’s. It’s the blue marker on the map below. 


California Adventure Park first aid


I walked in and told the nurse on staff what was going on. I signed in and was offered a bed in a quiet room in the back. There was a chair by each bed in the large room. 

I made myself right at home, took off my shoes, got a cup of water, a blanket and pillow and crashed. I woke up in about an hour when my friends checked on me. 

I had to run to the restroom one more time and then felt like I could function enough to call my doctor rather than go back to my hotel room for the day. The doctor on the phone and nurses in person confirmed my earlier assumption. My medicine and the stress had created an yucky combination. 


Star Wars Land coke bottles


The nurse gave me some Dramamine and recommendations: head across the street and grab a Coke. Like a real Coke (hallelujah, full flavor!). Not the Coke Zero stuff I am used to. And some pretzels to calm my stomach.  

If You Get Sick at Disneyland

The rest of the day, I slowly came back to life. I even went on Smugglers Run. I felt a little woozy but wasn’t sure if it was the ride or just my situation. I’ve since been on it multiple times without the slightest uneasiness. 


millennium falcon pilot


Some rides make people sick at Disneyland. These are the most common culprits and what you can do to help beforehand


Kids riding teacups!


I have since stopped taking that particular medication and I do my best to chill out before any big openings or press events at Disneyland. I am happy to report this has been a single, isolated moment. 

I always carry Dramamine now and wouldn’t hesitate to use the First Aid Center if anyone in my party needs it. I’ve waited nearly a year to tell this story because I don’t like getting too graphic about illness but I still think it’s important to share. 

What questions do you have about my experience or maybe you have one of your own to share? I’m here to help you plan in advance and have knowledge tucked away in your brain in case anything ever “comes up” while you’re at Disneyland Resort.

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