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The best and worst ice cream flavors to try at Salt & Straw in Downtown Disney District.Salt and Straw Disneyland ice cream

You asked for it, I ate it. There’s a reason Salt & Straw always has a line out the door at Downtown Disney. The ice cream is handmade in small-batches where they use only all-natural dairy and seek out local, sustainable and organic ingredients. What started in Oregon just had to make an appearance in California, and there’s no better location to indulge than at Disneyland Resort. 

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Salt & Straw Disneyland Location

Downtown Disney District is bustling with shopping, entertainment and good eats. I’ve reviewed almost every Downtown Disney restaurant to help you pick where to eat here.




Salt & Straw is located in Downtown Disney, which means you can simply walk over during a break from the parks or park at Downtown Disney District parking and get validation with a minimum purchase.

Salt & Straw is open from 10am-12am. I totally give you permission to arrive at 1oam because with any luck, you’ve already been on several Disneyland rides from opening the parks and you’re ready for a snack with little to no wait time right when they open. 

Salt & Straw Disneyland Flavors

If you’re all about the ice cream you’re in the right place. Salt & Straw offers classic Disney flavors which are available year-round. Salt & Straw provided me an off-the-menu-just-for-me sampler platter so I could taste a bunch of flavors and report back to you.

salt and straw samples

Salt & Straw Black Olive and Goat Cheese Ice Cream

A farmers market find if I ever heard of one, this ice cream actually contains a candy brittle made from California olives and blended into a goat cheese based ice cream. 

I was probably most excited to try this flavor. I was ready to venture out and experience something totally bold and unique. And that I did. I took one bite and instantly felt like I was going to lose everything I just ate. I really like goat cheese, and I really wanted to like this ice cream.

I wanted to tell people that olive and goat cheese ice cream is the best thing they’ve never tried. That idea turned against me and the queasy feeling I had lasted well into the evening. A friend of mine was brave enough to try it as well. She thought it wasn’t awful, but she also didn’t want to take another bite either. 

Salt & Straw Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and Cream

Dark chocolate ice cream made with coconut and hazelnut cream, add in chunks of homemade vegan oreos, mixed with San Francisco’s famous Dandelion Chocolate.

Salt & Straw Double Folded Vanilla

Twice as many vanilla beans made with Singing Dog Vanilla from Eugene, Oregon.  This is what vanilla dreams are made of, smooth creamy creamy and a consistent rich flavor.


 If you’re looking for something simple and predictable, with a touch of sophistication, the double folded vanilla it is the right ice cream for you. 

Salt & Straw Mint Chocolate Chip

Ethical chocolate pioneer, TCHO in Berkeley, California lends their flavor to this peppermint coconut ice cream that’s both vegan and gluten-free

ice cream disneyland

I honestly couldn’t believe this was vegan. True mint chocolate chip flavor, creamy and delicious. I will pretty much try mint chocolate chip ice cream wherever they go. Salt & Straw’s version sits high at the top of my favorites for mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Salt & Straw Honey Lavender

Honey steeped lavender petals are used to create this unique, refreshing and beautiful Salt & Straw flavor. Surprisingly delicious and nothing overpowering here. However, the Salt & Straw employee did mention some people think lavender taste is overpowering and tastes like soap. If you’re on the fence I suggest asking for a sample first.

Salt & Straw Pots of Gold & Rainbows

salt and straw ice cream cone Disneyland

It’s like a childhood dream; your favorite Lucky Charms cereal mixed into a creamy flavor with bits of marshmallow charms. Every kid that’s with you will want to order this ice cream, and even some of the big kids. It tastes exactly like it sounds and really hits the spot for a sweet, carefree ice cream experience at Disneyland Resort.

Salt & Straw Roasted Strawberry Coconut 

Yes, roasted strawberries making them caramelized to perfection and blended with coconut cream. This is another one of those safe pics especially for kids. The coconut is blended it so you won’t find any chunks or stringy pieces of it in your ice cream. 

Salt & Straw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Homemade chewy cookie dough with malted fudge swirl in a vanilla base. Sneaking a little cookie dough and never tasted so good. Plus, with the added malted fudge swirling around inside your cone—you really can’t get any better than this for cookie dough lovers.

salt and straw pints of ice cream

Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons: fleur de sel, made in Guatemala from salt pans, twirled with house made hand-burned caramel.

Sightglass Coffee Cashew Praline: oooh coffee ice cream! Featuring a cold Sightglass brew with caramelized cashews and pralines.

Salt & Straw Strawberry Honey Balsamic

Strawberries, strawberry jam, balsamic honey and rare Cubeb Pepper—my mouth is watering already! If you’re ready to venture into something sweet and savory, but not quite ready for that goat cheese and olive ice cream, this is a winner. 

Strawberry honey balsamic was my favorite flavor that I tried at Salt & Straw. It really hit on both the sweet and savory with out being overpowering I’m still delivering the flavor and consistency you expect from ice cream.

salt and straw order ice cream

Don’t forget about the seasonal flavors that debut each month at Salt & Straw!

Salt & Straw Disneyland Vegan & Gluten-free Flavors

These two vegan and gluten-free flavors are available year-round at Salt & Straw. We also have an easy gluten-free guide to dining at Disneyland.

  • Dandelion Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies and Cream: dark chocolate ice cream made with coconut and hazelnut cream, add in chunks of homemade vegan oreos, mixed with San Francisco’s famous Dandelion Chocolate.
  • FreckledMint TCHO-colate Chip: ethical chocolate pioneer, TCHO in Berkeley, California lends their flavor to this peppermint coconut ice cream that’s both vegan and gluten-free.

Salt & Straw Disneyland Delivery

salt and straw mail order

Salt & Straw delivers! Yes that’s right, you can even get this delicious ice cream treat delivered right to your home. Why wait for a Disneyland trip when you can get it right now?

What flavor will you try at your visit to Salt & Straw Disneyland Resort?

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