Black Tap Shakes Downtown Disney

The best shakes in Downtown Disney are here—Black Tap Downtown Disney inside Disneyland Resort will have you drooling over their burgers & Crazy Shakes!

Black Tap is located in the Downtown Disney District, so you can dine there without a Disneyland ticket. Keep reading to find out what to try at Black Tap in Downtown Disney, along with menus and Crazy Shake pics!

CrazyShakes at Disneyland


I was invited as a media guest to try Black Tap before its opening to the public. But I’ve returned many times to grab a classic shake and Crazy Shake with my family and friends on my own dime. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Black Tap Downtown Disney Quick Info

Black Tap is located inside the shopping and dining district at Disneyland Resort. Downtown Disney is a popular spot for dining on arrival day, departure day or just for a day out of shopping, eating and even special date nights

You do not need a ticket to Disneyland to enjoy this modern, energetic luncheonette in Downtown Disney and parking is free with validation from many locations



Originally from New York City, Black Tap Burgers & Shakes can be found now at Downtown Disney District. Open daily with no reservations needed and a quick service “Shake Window”only available at this location. 




  • Black Tap is located near the center of Downtown Disney, near Splitsville
  • This restaurant has outdoor and indoor dining, along with a quick order window for shakes only
  • Open for lunch, dinner and dessert, see Black Taps’s full menu here
  • No reservations needed

Allow yourself plenty of time to park, go through security and of course to shop before or after your meal at Uva Bar Downtown Disney. 

Black Tap Disneyland Menu

Let me tell you, I tried so many things on the menu when Black Tap opened —my table was a mess. Apologizing for the abundance of crumpled up napkins, one manager remarked, “Hey, if you don’t have napkins all over the place we’re doing something wrong.”

Black Tap is open for lunch, dinner and dessert, see Black Taps’s full menu here but keep reading for the complete yum-factor. 




We started out with Fried Mozz with tomato dipping sauce, reminds me of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I still need to try the Fried Pickles if they are anything like the ones at Carnation Cafe, I am in!

The burgers are fresh and made to order, with enormously thick patties. I actually sliced my patty in half lengthwise and still only ate about half of it. These burgers are definitely worth sharing. 




Prices here may be higher than you’re used to spending for a fast, casual meal. You’re looking at around $20 a burger and about $18 for a Crazy Shake, but more on that to come!

Their kids menu is exclusive to the Downtown Disney location in Anaheim with staples like grilled cheese and chicken tenders. For more kids menu favorites at Disneyland Resort, read this article here

Black Tap Downtown Disney Shakes

Shakes vary in pricing but hover around the $20 mark. This isn’t your regular shake. And don’t worry, you can always order CrazyShake milkshakes from a Black Tap team member after you’ve finished your meal so it doesn’t all come out at once. 




Flavors include these and seasonal options:

  • Strawberry Shortcake CrazyShake
  • The Cookie Shake CrazyShake
  • Brooklyn Blackout CrazyShake
  • Bam Bam Shake CrazyShake
  • Cookies ‘N Cream Supreme CrazyShake




  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Black Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Caramel
  • Nutella
  • Peanut butter
  • Oreo Cookies & Cream




In a hurry to get to Disneyland Park? No problem! You can stop by the Shake Window, an all new way to grab those CrazyShakes and take them anywhere you need to go. 

Complete Downtown Disney Guide

Downtown Disney is always a popular spot for dining on arrival day and departure day. Lots of people visiting Disneyland Resort also make a point to stop here for souvenir shopping at the end of their trip because it’s home to the massive World of Disney store. 


Black Tap my CrazyShake


If you’re looking for more places to eat, snack or indulge your sweet tooth be sure to check out my entire Downtown Disney dining guide here

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Black Downtown Disney is one of those novelty locations at Downtown Disney you just have to try. What kind of Crazy Shake will you order at Black Tap’s Downtown Disney location?

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