What Can I Ride? Disneyland and Pregnant

Disneyland and pregnant? This is all you need to read before heading to Disneyland. All the rides, all the food and all the fun. Pregnant


No, this is not an announcement. And no, this is not a casting call for an MTV reality show. This is for the mamas and mamas-to-be who are heading to Disneyland with a baby bump.

What can I ride at Disneyland if I’m pregnant?

Over 20 attractions at Disneyland Park can accommodate pregnant women including popular rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, “it’s a small world”, Jungle Cruise and more. Keep reading for all the details!


Its a small world exterior


You’re absolutely glowing and it’s a great time to take some cute maternity pics in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and then what? What’s a pregnant lady to do at Disneyland? ALL. THE. THINGS. All the safe things of course and there are tons!

You can browse through this article and grab one of our Disneyland Plans which maps out what to ride and when so you can enjoy your day at Disneyland while you’re pregnant.

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I’ve definitely had my share of time at Disneyland with babies, but today we’ve got everything you need to know if you’re at Disneyland and pregnant.

Note: This is not medical advice, always consult your physician before riding any attractions. 

Disneyland and Pregnant Rumors

Let’s just get this out of the way, shall we? Do not attempt to deliver your baby at Disneyland. Your child will NOT get a lifetime pass to Disneyland or even free churros on every visit. Read more about this urban legend here.


Castle fountain Disney100


Another rumor that’s circulating the web is a “pregnancy pass” to skip the lines. This is a little misleading. Disneyland uses the Disability Access Pass, which pregnant women might be offered on rare occasions.

Typically, they will just refer you to renting a wheelchair instead. But be warned, you will not skip waiting, you will just be given a return time and are free to do something else while you wait. This just makes it easier on your feet and body.

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What can I ride when I’m pregnant at Disneyland?

The first thing pregnant women at Disneyland want to know is, “Is it worth going? What can I ride anyway?” Yes, it’s absolutely worth going. And all of these rides are just some of the reasons why. 


Disneyland and Pregnant Rides (see photos of seating arrangements here). All Pregnancy approved attractions, but remember to always check with your doctor first:

  • Alice in Wonderland. Plenty of room for a growing belly with a pull down lap bar. There are two rows in each caterpillar, so you may like to take one just for yourself.
The Complete Disneyland Ride Guide. Alice in Wonderland, © The Happiest Blog on Earth.
Alice in Wonderland


  • Astro Orbitor. Similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, you’ll go around and up and down in a rocket outfitted with an expandable, soft seatbelt. Be warned this is tricky to get in and out of, as the rockets are low to the ground.

Disneyland Astro Orbitor


  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Your space cruiser offers plenty of room to slide in. Pull down bar can comfortably accommodate baby bumps.


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters seats


  • Casey Jr. Circus Train. If the heat becomes too much to handle, skip this ride through Fantasyland, but if you decide to ride be sure to pick a comfortable sleigh rather than a cage car.
  • Disneyland Railroad. Offers pregnant ladies a nice break from walking and waiting, choose from one of four stops around the park.


Disneyland Railroad


  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant. You may want to claim your own elephant to soar over Fantasyland. Try to snag one in blue, pink or yellow for some adorable maternity photos. Ask the Cast Member at the entrance for your color preference. 

Dumbo seating



  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The majority of this queue is in the sun, so try to visit this ride early or late in the day. Be aware that you will have to use a very steep stairway to explore these waters.


Finding Nemo Submarine


  • Haunted Mansion. There’s always room for more happy haunts here in New Orleans Square. Moms-to-be at Disneyland will enjoy an air conditioned ride in a comfortable doom buggy.
  • “it’s a small world”. You may get the song stuck in your head, but it’s certainly a cool, comfortable ride. 


it's a small world seats


  • Jungle Cruise. Leave civilization behind, just be careful stepping onto this boat at the dock and be prepared for some clever jokes along the way.


Jungle Cruise


  • King Arthur Carrousel. I’d only recommend the agile for this one, as you’ll have to hop on and off your graceful steed. Every horse on this carrousel gallops, so there are no stationary options.


Disneyland Pregnant rides


  • Mad Tea Party. While it’s safe to take a spin in these teacups, only those with a little baby belly and a strong stomach should ride.

Mad Tea Party


  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. A six person beehive will take you comfortably into the Hundred-Acre Woods with plenty of room for your baby on board.



  • Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. A five to six person bench train ride takes you through a perfect picnic in Mickey’s Toontown. There’s one pull down bar and some jerky movements but otherwise good for everyone. 
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This wild, frenzied ride may not be for all pregnant women. You’ll be comfortably seated in a two person motorcar, but be ready for some twists and turns.


Mr. Toad's Wild Ride seats


  • Peter Pan’s Flight. One of my favorites, board a pirate ship and sail over London and Never Land with lots of room to sit even in the third trimester.
  • Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. Don’t wait more than a few minutes for this attraction, but it’s perfectly safe for mom and baby.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. A couple of small drops might make newly expectant mothers nervous. While it’s not on the restricted list, use caution.


Pirates disneyland


  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Hail a cab and ride through Mickey’s Toontown; can be a bit jerky. The seating is a little narrower than others with a pull down lap bar.
  • Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. A quick ride through the story of Snow White in an air conditioned building.


Snow White seats


  • Storybook Land Canal Boats. Totally safe, but one I would skip. The balancing act of getting in and out, plus the queue and ride itself are almost entirely in the sun makes this one okay, but nothing I’d wait in line for.


Storybook Land Canal Boats


What tips would you add to the above rides? Did you ride any of those while you were pregnant?

Disneyland and Pregnant Don’t Ride

Next we’re talking what not to ride. The list of prohibited rides is relatively short so you can actually enjoy a Disneyland vacation even when you’re pregnant.


Gadget's Go Coaster


Here’s what not to ride:

To see what to ride and what to skip in when at Disney California Adventure and Pregnant.

Disneyland and Pregnant Cool Off

You need a place to relax and we’re here to help.


Disneyland Crowds


Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street, U.S.A. is a fabulous place to hang out when you need a cool place to relax. We recommend the Disney Gallery, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,  and Main Street Cinema along with the many places to dine and shop on Main Street.

You’ll also find the First Aid and the Baby Care Center on Main Street. Should you need any medical assistance or over the counter medication, head here. In the Baby Care Center, you can take a rest from the noise and crowds.

If your feet just need a break but your kids are still busy and ready to play at the parks, Main Street is also a stop for the Disneyland Railroad (when in service) and the Main Street Vehicles both of which will give you the break you need.


The Monorail station in Tomorrowland will take you on a quick ride to Downtown Disney, but I really love the ride from Downtown Disney into Disneyland. It’s much longer and more of a tour. Take it both ways for a cool, comfortable place to unwind.

Relax in Tomorrowland Terrace with a snack.

If your family is riding Space Mountain, take a break in the shaded area near the entrance and exit. Bonus: quick access to bathrooms and food!


If you’re looking to cool down in Adventureland, head for the Enchanted Tiki Room and bring a Dole Whip in with you for the show.


Head to the Golden Horseshoe for some ice cream and a cool, comfortable indoor atmosphere. I like the seats and plush couches upstairs.


There’s not much shade to be found in the ever crowded Fantasyland. But you can enjoy some shade while watching a show at the Royal Theatre near the castle.

What areas did I miss? True, the Hungry Bear is a nice spot but it can also be very hot without much air flow in the summer months. 

Disneyland and Pregnant Must Haves

There are a few things you might consider to help make your day at Disneyland even easier:

  1. If your feet just aren’t having it or that crazy sciatic nerve is acting up, consider an ECV rental.
  2. I’ve also heard great things about the AZMED Maternity BeltDisneyland Pregnant rides to help support your belly and back during a long day on your feet. Made of breathable fabric, it’s a top seller with stellar reviews to match. Disneyland Pregnant rides
  3. Shade is super important for mamas-to-be. I recommend an umbrellaDisneyland Pregnant rides for instant access to shade anytime you need it.
  4.  This stainless steel insulated water bottleDisneyland Pregnant rides comes with top ratings guaranteed to keep your drinks cooler, longer. Plus, they come in tons of cute colors and has a straw! 

Disneyland Pregnant ridesWhile we’re on the subject, you’ll want to download the official Disneyland app for a quick restroom locater. How awesome is that?!

One more thing before you go—check out our parking guide to see which option is best for you to park close by with little walking and waiting. Do you have any Disneyland and pregnant tips we can we add to our guide to help other expecting moms- let us know in the comments section below.

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By Jessica Sanders

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28 thoughts on “What Can I Ride? Disneyland and Pregnant

  • Beka

    Hi! I will be visiting in a few weeks when I’m 18 weeks pregnant. Thankfully I’m still small enough that I can get on all of the “okay to ride” rides! My daughter actually qualifies for the DAS pass, so that will help with the standing in line. I think I may get an ECV as well, but we will see. This list is still up to date in 2022, correct? Thank you!

  • Amanda

    Hey there! Going with my 3 year old for her Big Sister trip before the baby comes in 4 months. This article was really helpful and I look forward to seeing her light up when she sees Mickey. We took her 4x last year and I want one more trip before we can’t for another year.

  • Nicole

    After reading here you can get the disability pass to get a time for rides I went to get one while visiting pregnant last year. Walking was fine but standing killed me. The woman I saw rudely snapped at me that being pregnant is not a disability, I calmly explain d my problems with standing & she told me I shouldn’t have come. So they no longer give you this pass if pregnant. It didn’t help that she was so rude, not a good start to our day there.

    • That doesn’t sounds like Disney customer service. I am so sorry about that. I have updated the article to state more clearly that DAS is giving on rare occasions (if at all) to pregnant women. Usually they will direct you to get a wheelchair and I hope they did explain that option. DAS is more for people who can’t stand in line due to over-stimulation, crowd issues and other cognitive disabilities. Anything that has to do with standing or mobility needs to use a scooter or wheelchair instead.

      • Anonymous

        The woman there was so rude & didn’t offer any other options like a wheelchair. We got the app & checked wait times, I leaned on rails & even sat on the ground. We hadn’t planned on going while pregnant but being in Australia & my husband having a conference there how could we not go. Your page was so helpful as to what rides were ok etc… Just thought you should know what happened!

  • Taylor

    Hi there! I am headed to Disneyland and I’ll be about 17 weeks pregnant. Has anyone heard anything about riding Pirates of the Caribbean while pregnant? I’m worried about the couple drops, but it is on the ride-list. Thanks!

    • Hi Taylor, it does have those drops as I mentioned. It’s certainly a personal preference and something I would ask your doctor about. I think a lot of first-time pregnant women or those who tend to have complications are more cautious in general. Your doctor is really your best advocate.

  • Amanda

    I love Disney and we go every few years. My husband and I are taking our 4 yr old this April and I will be 31 weeks pregnant! Glad I found this blog as I’m trying to prepare as much as I can. Luckily we are staying onsite will be there a few days, so we’ll be able to take our time. Can anyone give more info on how the “ride appointment” works for pregnant ladies? Thanks!

  • Mylaine

    I’ve had other friends and family go to Disneyland while pregnant and said they were fine…I went when I was 4mos pregnant and it was great and the family had a blast! I went back again at 6 mos pregnant and I’m aching, more round ligament pain, back hurts and more swelling! Every pregnancy is different and I learned every stage can be different. Listen to your body. If you can walk laps around let’s say the mall for a day then you should be fine. After 3 hours and you’re done…think about it!

    • Yes, this article is certainly not medical advice and touring Disneyland can put a strain on healthy people who aren’t expecting. Disneyland is so much fun but there’s no reason to over do it. Thanks for those tips Mylaine, I agree it’s very important to listen to your body before you’re in too much pain or discomfort.

  • Karin

    Just came back from Disneyland. I was disappointed in the number of attractions you are allowed to enter when pregnant. If you go don’t go more than one day and be sure you get a card saying you are pregnant. It sometimes safes you time or at least you do not have to stay in line, but in stead you’ll get an appointment. Nevertheless, I would not do it again when I am pregnant.

    • Hi Karin! Thanks for your comment. I second that opinion that you do need more time to explore since there is so much you can do while pregnant at Disneyland. I think you’re talking about the disability access card? Being pregnant doesn’t guarantee access to the pass but guests are always welcome to talk to a Cast Member at City Hall to see if it will fit their needs. A wheelchair or scooter is also a great option.

  • Lindsey

    Splash mountain being on the no go list saddens me. It’s really the only one of those I’ll miss if I don’t get to ride it. Maybe it will be closed the day I go so it won’t be my fault I can’t ride.

    • Lindsey, that is the best! I never hope Splash Mountain is closed when I go, but for your sake I definitely hope it’s closed. Then as soon as that baby is old enough to go on a big outing, you come back and take the plunge. 🙂

    • Samantha

      We’re going in 3 weeks (I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant when we go), and I asked my physician about it today, and she said that I *should* be able to do Splash Mountain, but not others like Indiana Jones or Space Mountain that are already on the “do not ride” list. [shrugs] Maybe it’s because I don’t have complications (this is my third one, all healthy, normal and fairly easy pregnancies), but Splash Mountain was one I had been planning on NOT riding, but now I’m wondering if that one *might* be okay? She really wasn’t concerned about it being an issue.

      • Hi Samantha, I’m glad you spoke to your physician about it. From my experience, the Cast Members won’t ask you about it but I assume they do have the right to “deny boarding” so keep that in mind and enjoy!

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