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Disneyland app essentials helps you navigate the Disneyland app, along with mobile dining options, Disneyland trivia to keep you busy in line (Disney Play app), Disney MaxPass and even a countdown to Disneyland app.

Disneyland app Disney Play
Disneyland app Disney Play

Disneyland Countdown App

Let’s start with some super fun stuff. Hey, it’s all super fun stuff but a good Disneyland countdown always gets me pumped (and I usually have several countdowns going at once).

My favorite app for counting down is Countdown for Disney. While it’s geared toward Walt Disney World, the free version allows you to use your own photos for the countdown. I simply chose a Disneyland photo from the gallery on my phone, added a Disney vacation date and my countdown starts! Countdown for Disney app

Disneyland Disney Play AppDisney Play App Peter Pan

When you use Disney MaxPass (more on that later!), there really isn’t a ton of time spent waiting around in Disneyland lines. But the Disney Play app is good for some Disneyland fun before, during and after your vacation. When you’re not in the parks, and even when you are, choose from various trivia questions focused on different areas of each park. Check out my kids testing their knowledge on  the Disney Play app while I picked up dinner.

Need something to do while in line at Disneyland? Maybe you’re waiting for a notoriously long-line attraction like Peter Pan’s Flight or you’re stuck in the standby line of Space Mountain? You need some games to play while waiting in line and Disney Play app has come to the rescue. You’ll find tons of interactive adventures for your group to explore together. Each adventure focuses on where you are in the park. Look for the Disney Play app sign around the resort to get started. Note that they take a bit of reading instructions (I’d love to see this simplified) but once you get to the game itself, it’s totally on!

Disney Play app in line

And seriously how beautiful and cute are these park illustrations? It makes me feel like I am at Disneyland Resort whenever I play.

Disneyland Mobile AppDisneyland app icon

The Disneyland app is absolutely essential to your Disneyland vacation. It’s so helpful and has so many uses, I did find myself on my device a lot more than usual which is kinda a bummer, but it offers SO much convenience. First let’s start with some extra reading to prepare you for using the official Disneyland app:

Bonus tip! You’re gonna want one of these with your battery being used so much, the Fuel Rod makes it easy to keep your phone charged with free swapping!

Disneyland Mobile Food Order

Mobile food ordering was released on the Disneyland app mid-2018 and my life has seriously changed for the better! It is so convenient and easy to look over menu items, order and pick up your food all without even taking out your wallet. This infographic from Disney Parks Blog explains the basics.

Disneyland app mobile food order
Courtesy Disney Parks Blog

At publishing time you cannot pay for mobile order with Disney gift cards, that’s one big bummer, but you can pay with your connected credit card and that makes life a breeze.

How do I order food on the Disneyland app?How to mobile order Disneyland

  1. Download the official Disneyland app and sign into your account or create one.
  2. Add a payment method, any major credit card will work. Your card won’t be charged until you tap that you’ve arrived to pick up your order.
  3. Tap “order food” and choose a pick up time window.
  4. Pick a dining location and explore the menu.
  5. Add and customize items to your order.
  6. Tap “I’m here” when you’ve arrived (but I like to do it as I’m walking over so it’s ready when I arrive).
  7. Pick up your order at the designated mobile pick up spot.

Which restaurants use mobile order?Flo's V8 Cafe Disneyland Resort

At Disneyland Park you can use mobile order from the following locations:

  • Bengal Barbecue
  • Edelweiss Snacks
  • Galactic Grill
  • Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor
  • Harbour Galley (baked potatoes!)
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Café (I’ve never had something I don’t like)
  • Red Rose Taverne
  • Refreshment Corner (jalapeño stuffed pretzel is my favorite!)
  • Royal Street Veranda
  • Stage Door Café (Corn Dog anyone?)
  • Tiki Juice Bar (I’ll take a Dole Whip Float)

At Disney California Adventure Park you can use mobile order from the following locations:

  • Award Wieners (kid meals here are a favorite for my littles)
  • Bayside Brews
  • Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream
  • Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill
  • Corn Dog Castle (cheese dog for me!)
  • Flo’s V8 Café
  • Lucky Fortune Cookery
  • Pacific Wharf Café (I live for soup in sourdough bread bowls!)
  • Paradise Garden Grill
  • Smokejumpers Grill (a favorite retreat)

Can I make special requests to my Disneyland mobile order? Yes, allergy options are noted and you can removed/add condiments on most orders. It will also prompt you to add a drink or dessert if you didn’t select one with your oder. So far there is no option to add the free cup of ice water to your mobile order, so you may have to ask for that upon arrival.

Where do I pick up my Disneyland mobile food order? Look for the “mobile order pick up sign” at participating quick service restaurants. Once you get the hang of noticing the marked area, it’s easy to find at each dining location.

Mobile order pickup Disneyland
Mobile order pickup Disneyland

What if I miss my pick up time? That happened to me! They don’t prepare your order until you tap that you have arrived, so don’t click early unless you are truly on your way. I simply found my order and tapped on it to adjust my time. Super simple.

Have you used any of these Disney apps–let’s continue the conversation here and on my Facebook page.

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