Best Disneyland Outdoor Dining

Complete list—best Disneyland outdoor dining for fresh air, good food and plenty of Disney magic. This list includes the best spots to eat at Disneyland in an outdoor experience. 

Quick Info on Outdoor Dining

There are plenty of outdoor spots to eat at Disneyland with all the food you’ve been seeing on social media. Disneyland is an incredible place to sit and watch the world go by. You can still take a break from the California sun but stay outdoors in the fresh air with a shady secluded spot to eat. 

All dining listed in this guide:

  • have designated outdoor dining areas or somewhere nearby to sit and eat.
  • some places may require you going into an air-conditioned building briefly as you check in, order and/or pick up your food. 


Disneyland outdoor dining

Outdoor Food in Adventureland

Do you need a dose of Adventure? Many guests love grabbing a bite to eat near favorite outdoor attractions like Jungle Cruise. 

Bengal Barbecue, mobile order available. It’s also a popular first stop for budget food at Disneyland is a favorite in Adventureland. This snack shack with meat and veggie skewers is all outdoors. Order and dine outside with a few tables or take it to stop at eat while overlooking Rivers of America nearby. See the full Bengal Barbecue menu here.


Bengal Barbecue


Tropical Hideaway, mobile order available. Another outdoor option is best known for their Dole Whips, but new things are always being added to the menu! See the full Tropical Hideaway menu here

Outdoor Dining in Critter Country

Harbour Galley, mobile order available. Many people pass this by, but there’s some adorable dining spots along Rivers of America if you go at the right time. Since the expansion of the area it’s easier to find seating than before.


Harbour Galley


Find it across from Haunted Mansion on your way into Critter Country and order soup in a bread bowl or a lobster roll. See the full Harbour Galley menu here

Hungry Bear, mobile order available. This is the refuge and retreat you need before you venture off to a galaxy far, far away.


Critter Country


I love the seating on the ground floor when we’re looking for some shade, or on the back balcony to really get away from the crowds. 

See full menu for The Hungry Bear Restaurant here and enjoy fabulous views of Rivers of America while you dine.

Outdoor Eats in Fantasyland

Fantasyland is the magic of Disneyland you remember. It’s full of pixie dust, life and light. This is usually the first place families with little ones come and it’s one of those places you go back to again and again to feel the imagination of childhood. 

Red Rose Tavern,  mobile order available. Order indoors but grab a seat outside this Beauty and the Beast inspired venue. It’s a hub of activity in Fantasyland, so keep looking if you don’t find a seat. Otherwise, you might try looking near Dumbo where there’s some seating to the left. 


Gray Stuff


See the full menu for Red Rose Tavern here

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Outdoor Food in Frontierland

It’s the Wild West here in Frontierland but that doesn’t mean we can’t have food and fun all within our own bubble. Keep reading for more details. 

Rancho del Zocalo, mobile order available. I love this space here in Frontierland because it’s so comfortable and relaxed even on normal days at Disneyland.

This restaurant has all outdoor dining with breezy airways and covered, shaded areas. While seating looks like it’s inside, it’s actually outdoors. 


Rancho del Zocalo


You’ll go inside to order and head back out to eat. See the full Rancho del Zocalo menu here

River Belle Terrace, reservations recommended. This is one of the restaurants we eat at consistently as a family. They have huge portions and my kids and I often split an entrée. I’ve reviewed River Belle Terrace here


River Belle Terrace food


The outdoor patio is a great place to people watch and enjoy the view of Rivers of America. Be sure to ask for outdoor seating when you check in. 


River Belle Terrace outside


See the full River Belle Terrace menu here

Stage Door Cafe, mobile order available. This gem in Frontierland, where you’ll find Disneyland’s famous corn dogs! Yes, these are the same corn dogs you can get at The Little Red wagon on Main Street. 


Stage Door Cafe corn dog


Outdoor seating in this area is sparse, but you can take it to any other seating in the area like Rancho del Zocalo. See the full menu for Stage Door Cafe here

Outdoor Dining on Main Street

Main Street is one of my favorite lands in all of Disneyland Park. It’s just so welcoming and alive and outdoor dining here comes in plenty of flavors. 

Carnation Cafe, reservations recommended. You’ll find this dining spot on the left with red and white umbrellas as you walk toward the castle. If you want outdoor seating, be sure to mention that in your reservation notes because they do have indoor as well. 


Fried Pickles Carnation Cafe


I go here for the fried pickles, sandwiches and typical America fare. They’re also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. See the full Carnation Cafe menu here

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, mobile order available. It is just what you’d expect from a quaint bakery on Main Street, U.S.A. This eatery gives a nod to our favorite nanny, Mary Poppins.


Disneyland breakfast Jolly Holiday


I am a complete sucker for Jolly Holiday morning, noon and night. It’s my favorite quick service breakfast at Disneyland and you can dine outdoors under the yellow umbrellas with a castle view


Jolly Holiday


See the full Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe menu here.

Little Red Wagon. One of three Disneyland Resort spots you can grab the famous corn dog. Find all the corn dog spots here

Plaza Inn, mobile order available. This has become my go-to spot for late night eats and it’s also the host of Minnie’s Breakfast in the Park


Plaza Inn seating


Find lots of outdoor dining under the pink umbrellas after you order indoors. Their fried chicken is so delicious and it’s the only place I eat fried chicken. I love it! See the full Plaza Inn menu here

Refreshment Corner aka Coke Corner is a great spot to grab a quick meal and eat outside by the Ragtime piano player on Main Street. It’s also right by Jolly Holiday if you can’t find a seat there. 


Refeshment corner


Photo does not reflect current social distancing measures. See the full Refreshment Corner menu here.

Outdoor Eats in Mickey’s Toontown

There’s a few dining locations, all outdoors in Mickey’s Toontown. This colorful, fun and goofy back part of Disneyland has a sort of food court area with a shared dining space outside. 

Daisy’s Diner. Tucked in the food court area of Mickey’s Toontown. Individual pizzas is enough to serve one person. See the full Daisy’s Diner menu here.


Pluto's Dog House


Pluto’s Dog House is another that’s on my list of the best kid meals at Disneyland, but anyone can eat and enjoy a dog here. Dining in this area can be tight so pick your eat times wisely. See the full Pluto’s Dog House menu here.

Outdoor Food in New Orleans Square

New Orleans didn’t even make the list for outdoor rides, but if you’re looking for all outdoor experiences, there’s good news here! And it starts with some of the iconic food at Disneyland. 

Cafe Orleans, reservations encouraged. You’ll check in outside with outdoor, patio seating under blue umbrellas. The view here is so beautiful overlooking Rivers of America. Seating below does not reflect current physical distancing guidelines. 


Cafe Orleans


Plus, if you’re looking for the famous Monte Cristo this is your spot! They also serve beignets and Mint Julep. So basically, yes—eat here. See the full Cafe Orleans menu here


Cheese Monte Cristo


French Market. Such a beautiful outdoor dining space, often accompanied by live music. I rarely eat at French Market, but instead grab a Mint Julep next door. 


Disneyland French Market


Since this isn’t my go-to spot I don’t have a personal suggestion on what to order but you can see the full French Market menu here

Mint Julep Bar, mobile order available. Snacks are everywhere at Disneyland Resort but this one deserves a special place because I adore Mint Juleps and all the seasonal flavors like this watermelon one below. 


Mint Julep Watermelon


Mint Julep Bar shares outdoor seating with French Market plus you’re right by the train station. The location is super relaxing. See the full Mint Julep Bar menu here.  

Another popular spot in New Orleans Square is Royal Street Veranda with soup in sourdough bread bowls and a small outdoor dining area by Pirates of the Caribbean.  See the full Royal Street Veranda menu here.

Outdoor Dining in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

I remember when Star Wars Land first opened. My friends and co-owners of Disneyland with Kids ordered almost everything in the land to taste test and share! It was so much fun. 

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, mobile order available. Do you have to go inside to order but there is a small outdoor area available to eat at. See all the food I tried and the full Docking Bay 7 menu here


star wars land food spread


Ronto Roasters, mobile order available. This quick service has outdoor seating and was an instant hit from day one at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. 


Ronto Roasters


See the full Ronto Roasters menu here

Outdoor Eats in Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland can make you feel like you’ve left yesterday behind. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for on any trip to Disneyland. Try these outdoor eats for maximum yum.

Alien Pizza Planet, mobile order available. Come inside to order and walk through to outdoor, full covered dining area that borders the Space Mountain entrance. It looks like it is indoors, but it is outside under a big covered walkway. There’s also a few seats out front. 


Pizza Planet outside


Every table is marked so you can  keep your distance while you eat. My favorite food to order there is not the pizza, but the Count Down Chicken Fusilli pictured below. See the full Alien Pizza Planet menu here


Pizza Planet pasta


Galactic Grill is the main eatery in Tomorrowland; you can’t miss it. It still has a lot of Star Wars influence, even after the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park.

See the full Galactic Grill menu here

Now we’re moving over to California Adventure Park which is just across the esplanade from Disneyland Park. Here’s  a quick view at just how close the two parks are.  

California Adventure Outdoor Dining

There are SO many places to eat outdoors at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and even into Downtown Disney and the Disney hotels!


Carthay Circle patio


Almost every Disney California Adventure dining locations have outdoor space to eat. It’s super east to navigate. My favorite sit down options at California Adventure include:

Disneyland Outdoor Dining Printable

Before you head to Disneyland, be sure to get the Disneyland Outdoor Dining Printable for your group—it has all this info here in a printable friendly format. Print it, take notes on it, use it as your foodie roadmap! 

Grab the printable version of this article for easy planning at home and at Disneyland Resort.[purchase_link id=”21459″ style=”button” color=”gray” text=”Buy Now” direct=”true”]

There are many places to enjoy an outdoor meals at Disneyland Resort whether it’s in Fantasyland, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or Carthay Circle. Which outdoor spots are your favorite and are there any outdoor Disneyland dining locations that I missed? 

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