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Planning a Disneyland reunion or a trip for a large group? Here’s how to plan a seamless Disneyland vacation with a big group in mind.

Disneyland plan a reunion for a large group

Disneyland Reunion Tickets

When you’re planning a Disneyland reunion, you’re probably looking for discount group rates. Disneyland itself does not offer discounts to large groups unless you are a non-profit organization or going on a school field trip. But don’t worry, I can get you set up with those as well! Send me an email [email protected] to get started. 


Pixar Fest ticket


Ticket savings add up fast when you’re planning for a large group. Your best choice is to buy through our ticket partner and save over the prices offered direct through Disney. You’ll pay less and have all your tickets under one umbrella, making it super easy to manage.Discount Tickets


Disneyland Reunion Hotels

There are many hotels within walking or driving distance that can accommodate large groups. My top picks include:


Pool area Cambria Anaheim


For our most recent reunion, we chose Cambria as pictured above. Some of the reasons I chose Cambria over closer hotels within walking distance are:

  • New, clean and modern rooms that sleep up to 9. We booked 3 rooms for various types of families coming with us.
  • Quick drive or Uber to Disneyland, we like doing the drop off area on Harbor with an Uber. 
  • Lowest rates guaranteed when booking through my ticket partner
  • Pay separately or together for your rooms and tickets.
  • Save any extra $10 on each room by using my promo code DisneylandPlan.



Disneyland Reunion Gear

Every big group at Disneyland loves matching shirts, hats or something to stick together and easily spot each other in a crowd. 


Disney family hats


I like these Disney Family hats to coordinate with your Disney shirts and gear for the day. 

Along with your Disneyland group t-shirt, many reunion groups like to put together welcome baskets for everyone. First thing you need is a lanyard with a plastic pouch for everyone to hold on to their Disneyland Resort tickets.

You can even leave your tickets in the clear plastic sleeve to scan at the Lightning Lane line.

Every night when the sun goes down, things get pretty dark at Disneyland Resort. Keep track of your group, and keep kids busy creating, with this mega pack of glow sticks for making bracelets, necklaces, crowns and more.

Put all your Disney swag into these drawstring backpacks so everyone can bring exactly what they need for a fun day at Disneyland Resort. I like this set of three Mickey and Friends drawstring bags for kids.

I also like this 2 pack of drawstring bags for adults or teens:

Disneyland Reunion Plans

No matter how many days you’re going to Disneyland (I recommend at least 3), your group will likely want to do some things together, and some things apart.

I’ve put together this Disneyland Plan especially for large groups. It outlines what to ride as a group at both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park, plus has dining suggestions and more to allow everyone some fun and magic during your Disneyland reunion.

[purchase_link id=”11872″ style=”button” color=”dark-gray” text=”Purchase” direct=”true”]


This printable itinerary has a half day plan for both parks, for the price of one full day’s itinerary so your group can remain flexible and have a blast. It helps you start your day at either Disneyland or California Adventure Park and keeps you together as a group until after lunch.

At that time many groups like to split up for naps, thrill rides or some pool time. Get your plan now and enjoy a magical Disneyland reunion with the whole gang.

Do you have more questions about your Disneyland reunion, I am happy to help!

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