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Disneyland Park Plans

“Don’t freak out, it’s just Disneyland” is easier said than done, that’s why this year we’re bringing you custom Disneyland Park Plans from The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Our Disneyland Park Plans are unlike anything else you’ve seen and are nothing close to basic. They’re designed to help you enjoy time with family, relax a little on your vacation and make lifelong memories—no freaking out required.

Plan the perfect Disneyland vacation!
Plan the perfect Disneyland vacation!

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Disneyland in March

If you’re going to Disneyland in March, it’s all about luck and spring time! Keep reading for important crowd predictions, ride closures and money saving tips for Disneyland in March.
Updated for 2017
Disneyland in March

The Disneyland in March Planning Guide is brought to you by Grand Legacy At The Park HotelRead more about our disclosure policy here

Disneyland Planning Guide brought to you by Grand Legacy At The Park Hotel, book your stay steps away from Disneyland’s maingate.

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Special Needs at Disneyland

Is it possible to tour Disneyland if someone in your group has special needs? That is a loaded question and the answer will be as individual as your specific needs when traveling or experiencing something new.

Disneyland Tips | Disneyland | Disneyland Resort | Special Needs
Disneyland Tips | Disneyland | Disneyland Resort

This guide was put together after careful research from those who have first-hand knowledge and from Disney’s public guidelines. I do not claim to be a medical expert or know what it is like to be in your shoes. I am simply here to present the information so you can decide if visiting The Disneyland Resort is right for you and your family. Continue reading Special Needs at Disneyland

Our New Logo

It’s been a little over a month since our new logo made its debut on The Happiest Blog on Earth. What an adventure it was choosing the right look, colors and more to go with our existing voice and feel at The Happiest Blog on Earth.

This whole experience was totally new to me, we did not even have a logo up until this point. It was something I had been putting off because I didn’t know the direction I wanted to go with it. I only knew the direction I didn’t want to go.

Logo Wanted

My dear friend Elaina of Enchanted Type is a fairytale-inspired greeting card and art print designer. I knew from the get-go I wanted her to design my logo, but there was a problem.

We’re friends and while she’s done logos in the past, logos aren’t her main gig anymore. Instead she brings all the Disney feels into your home with instant digital downloads inspired by your favorite Disney movies and attractions.

Enchanted Type Art Print

I love her style and how she incorporates Disney elements without being over-the-top. Even non-Disney fans love her work, but Disney fans love it even more when they find the little “Easter Eggs” that give a nod to their Disney favorites. Like this very Merry Birthday card with stacked teacups resembling some I think I’ve seen before ;).

Birthday Cards by Enchanted Type

By now I am sure you can see why I wanted Elaina to design my logo! Even though we’re friends I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable declining. But I am glad she didn’t!

Logo Concepts

The beginning phase of creating a logo with Elaina was so much fun. I answered lots of questions about my business, my readers and what I envisioned for my brand. A couple of things I knew I didn’t want? Mouse ears, castles, red and yellow. Yup, I know those things totally speak Disney but I was looking for something visually appealing that didn’t scream Disney. I wanted it to evoke a sense of Disneyland but not be too much at once. We used a secret Pinterest board to share ideas and color schemes. Here’s a peek at some of those secret pins.

She began by presenting me with 3 different black and white concepts. The original concept I chose is pictured below. You’ll notice we made some adjustments to the fonts and other details in the final rendition.

Initial logo concept

While I won’t share the other concept art here, I will share the inspiration behind each one:

  1. Mad Tea Party with a Minnie Mouse spin on the design
  2. Peter Pan’s Flight with an art deco feel
  3. And the one I chose, Geometry Play

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m not sharing all those concepts today. The answer is I wanted the logo decision to be totally my own. I enlisted a few trusted friends and family members for feedback and support but wanted to keep my mind clear for a final decision. Plus, if Elaina ever decides to use those basic concepts in any of her artwork, I want it to debut in her store first.

Logo Colors

After choosing my final logo design, I got 5 different color schemes. Oh. My. Goodness. Color is my favorite! This was the hardest decision I had to make. There was one color scheme that just spoke to me so loudly. I wanted those colors to cover my logo. It included every color that makes me happy and reminded me very much of a certain handbag I want to own someday. You know what I mean?

But, I ultimately decided it was too much of me and maybe wouldn’t appeal to my entire audience. But to say it was very girly and very pink and purple is a good overall statement.

Final Logo

The final logo, as I mentioned earlier was nick-named “Geometry Play” in the concept phase. Like designs on Enchanted Type, my logo pulls inspiration from Disneyland in many ways. One is the way the patterns evoke a sense of the “it’s a small world” facade and Disney Legend, Mary Blair’s artwork.

It also uses colors from vintage Disneyland signage and I feel really captures what I’m all about here at The Happiest Blog on Earth—a lot of fun, a lot of Disneyland, and a lot of time-tested tips and valuable Disneyland Resort advice.

It’s funny how something so simple can make me so happy! And incase you’re wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I was a regular paying customer for this project and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I love how the design pulls all my abstract ideas together to form the brand I am building. And of course, I hope you like it too!

What Not To Ride at California Adventure

What not to ride at California Adventure gives you an excuse to cut out a ride or two and spend time on favorite attractions instead.

Disneyland tips | Disneyland Resort | Disneyland
What not to ride at California Adventure

I love California Adventure and the entire Disneyland Resort. But that doesn’t mean I love everything about it. I also want you to have the best Disneyland vacation ever, so I’m gonna give you an out here. Just tell your friends I said it was totally okay to skip some of these rides at California Adventure attractions, they’ll totally understand.  Continue reading What Not To Ride at California Adventure