Merriest Nites A Disneyland Holiday Party

Disneyland’s all new Christmas and Holiday Party, Disney Merriest Nites debuts in 2021! Here’s all the info we have for 2021 to help you make your future Disneyland Plans, along with my personal review of the event on its first night. Merriest Nites will not return in 2022. 

Disney Merriest Nites is an after-hours, holiday event at Disneyland Park on select nights in November and December. 


Disney Merriest Nites


The Disneyland Resort Holiday party hosted by Mickey Mouse welcomes you with his friends from Disney, Pixar, Muppets and more. But is “more” enough for the price tag and offerings? Keep reading because I am about to let you know. Merriest Nites will not return in 2022. 

Disneyland Holiday Party Dates 

Disney Merriest Nites debuts in 2021. Holiday party dates are limited to an initial 5 nights. 
Jessica Holidays Merriest
2021 Disney Merriest Nite dates
  • November 11, 16, 30
  • December 7 and 9
  • Party runs from 8:00 pm til midnight, with mix-in beginning at 5:00 pm
  • Ticket prices start at $165  ($175 for the first party night)
  • Please note parking is an additional fee

Keep reading for what’s Included at Disney Merriest Nites, along with my opinion on each one.

Admission to Disneyland Included

Admission to Disneyland Park is included beginning at 5:00 pm. The park closes to regular guests at 7:00 pm and we found many shops (at least in New Orleans Square)closed between 7:00 and 8:00 pm to “reset” for the party and clear out regular guests. 


Merriest Nite sign


Attractions continue to operate during the mix-in time. Be prepared to show your wrist band when entering shops or boarding attractions.

Six Distinct Holiday Parties

Disney describes six different themed holiday areas with your favorite Disney characters like Tiana, Lilo, Muppets and more.


Merriest Nites map


I found the themed parties to be very lack-luster. We started in New Orleans Square and wandered for a bit wondering “where exactly is the party?” And that’s basically how it went all night. There was no clear definition to the themed parties, with the exception of Main Street.

Here’s a list of all the parties and what I personally experienced at each one:

Victorian-Themed Party on Main Street, U.S.A.

By far the best, most immersive and beautifully decorated space. If you think Main Street looks good during Christmas time, Merriest Nites amps it up even more! 


Merriest Nite Main St


The projections on Main Street were one of my favorite things about the party. It was next level magical. I only wished the whole Merriest Nites had the same vibe and magic as Main Street.


Miss Piggy Merriest Muppets


For the most part, Main Street was fairly empty except when the Muppets or parade came by. I had front row access to the live carolers who were incredible and also happened to pass down Main Street for the first Muppets show of the night.


Empty Main Street Holiday


You might enjoy:

  • Various Disney characters on Main Street dressed in their A Christmas Carol outfits, so darling! Find them at the character spot near Great Moments and Mad Hatter shop.
  • Snow falling on Main Street.
  • Special showing of A Christmas Fantasy Parade 
  • Unlimited PhotoPass photos in front of the giant Christmas tree and wherever else PhotoPass photographers are stationed.

Feliz Navidad Party in Frontierland


Miguel meet and greet


You might enjoy:

  • Spotting Miguel in Frontierland near Rancho del Zocalo
  • Specialty dining and menu items at Rancho del Zocalo like the cinnamon fry bread with dulce de leche gelato

New Orleans Holiday in New Orleans Square

This was the first party we came upon, deciding to start here and work our way towards Tomorrowland where I planned to end the night dancing to the DJ. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t impressed with either one. 


Tiana Merries Nites


But back to New Orleans Square. It was our first “party” of the six. We wandered looking for the party and found Tiana waving from the balcony in New Orleans Square just like she does during regular park hours. We asked around, thinking for sure she came down closer for the “real party.” But was told this was as good as it would get.


New Orleans Holidays


Did I miss something? Disney said, ” It’ll be a swinging good time with Tiana down on the Bayou. Be ready for beads, beignets and bright holiday fun.” 

Did anyone else see Tiana come down with the band or board Mark Twain? 

You might enjoy:

  • Unlimited PhotoPass photos in front of various backdrops in each land, representing each party. We waited for this one, but chose not to do others. Many people seemed very excited about these backdrops which we also got as postcards for a departing gift.
  • Seasonal and party only food at Cafe Orleans, Blue Bayou and more.


Frozen Popcorn



Buzz DJ Merriest



Castle Christmas




Christmas Parade


When do Disney Merriest Nites tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale to the general public September 14, 2021 online only (no earlier than 9:00 am PT). Expect a wait time to purchase. You’ll want to use multiple browsers and devices.

Order of joining the queue is not first come, first serve. It is random like we’ve seen for every other online ticket sales event in 2021. Buy Disney Merriest Nite Party ticket here beginning September 14, 2021. They will sell out.

Is my Disney Holiday Party ticket good for theme park admission? 

Your ticket to Disney Merriest Nites is good beginning at 5:00 pm at Disneyland Park.

How much are Disneyland Holiday Party tickets?

Ticket prices start at $165  ($175 for the first party night) and are only sold through Disney. But for hotel stays you can get my promo code delivered to your inbox now. Remember, only credit or debit cards will be accepted as payment, no Disney Gift cards for this ticket.


"it's a small world" holiday


Which rides will be open during the party?

Guests of the party will have access to attractions in Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland and New Orleans Square.

Mickey’s Toontown, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Critter Country will not be part of the event. I suggest riding those during the mix in hours.

Disney Merriest Nites is sold out, what should I do? 

There’s so much to do and see during the Holidays. Read up on all the festivities you can experience here

Can I buy Disney Holiday Party tickets on eBay? 

No. Buying Disney Merriest Nites tickets on eBay or anywhere other than Disneyland Resort itself (app, online or in person) is not permitted.

Does Disneyland close early for Disney Merriest Nites?

Disneyland Park closes at 7:00 pm on nights hosting Disney Merriest Nites. Those who do not have tickets to Disney Merriest Nites can wrap up their day then or hop to California Adventure with a valid hopper ticket and reservation.

What time can I get in Disneyland on the night of the party?

You can get in Disneyland Park at 5:00 pm but the official party doesn’t start until 8:00 pm. If you plan on going to Disneyland Resort before 5:oo pm, you will need separate theme park admission and reservations.

Who needs tickets to Disney Merriest Nites?

Tickets are required for everyone 3 and older. There are no child prices. You can buy up to 8 tickets per person, per event date.

Have more questions about this new event for 2021? Ask them below. 

Final Thoughts

I mentioned earlier how I hate to have a negative review of something I love so much. I tend to leave out negative criticism on the blog, because it is indeed “The Happiest Blog on Earth.” 

But this event could have been better. It didn’t feel special to me. It needed more. I am so glad I only bought my one ticket and not one for my whole family.


Merriest Nites Band


If we were local and hadn’t been in a while I may have done it for the whole family, just to hit up rides with low wait times. And at that point I wouldn’t be there for anything extra or special holiday. 

If you’re going or if you went, what made it “worth it” for you? You might have a deep love for everything Muppets which made the night unforgettable and that’s totally cool. 

Find what it is you’re looking forward to and ENJOY it. I’ll tell you ONE THING I LOVED. And I’m not be sarcastic in the slightest.

The sipping chocolate with waffle dipping sticks from Jolly Holiday was my favorite. I’ve already told some of my Disney contacts we need that at Festival of Holidays next year, so we’ll see.


Holiday Disneyland gates


If Merriest Nites comes back next year I’d like to see some of these things at the same price tag from 2021:

  • Free popcorn, drinks, etc like they did at Walt Disney World after-hours this year
  • Quicker check in process in Tomorrowland
  • More special decor at each party
  • Fireworks
  • Exclusive parade not showing on regular nights

What else would you like to see? Have I been to hard in my review? I would love to hear your thoughts on Merriest Nites.

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