What to Pack in Your Disneyland Backpack

The top 20 or so things to pack in your Disneyland bag or backpack. You asked, I tell all.

Today I’ll show you what’s in my Disneyland bag plus my favorite new option for Disneyland Resort so you can sail through your Disneyland vacation with ease. 

What to Pack in Your Disneyland Bag

I’ve been writing about Disneyland since 2013 and have been visiting the theme parks for much longer. Over the years of traveling I’ve developed an easy grab-and-go method for what’s in my Disneyland bag.


What to Pack Disneyland Backpack


Basics in Every Disneyland Day

If you’re going super light weight and aim to keep everything in your pockets or belt bag bring these essentials:

  • Fully charged cell phone 
  • Portable charger
  • Charging cord bracelet 
  • Lip balm
  • Hair tie


Disneyland App phone


Your fully charged cell phone should have the Disneyland App installed which houses your tickets and payment methods. I love being able to use the Disneyland App to pay for mobile food orders or Apple Pay for sit down meals.

I definitely still carry a credit card and ID with me as well, but use those less often.

Also on my phone is “favorited” screenshot/photos of my Disneyland Tickets in case the app crashes and I can’t pull them up quick enough to scan in the gates. 

Now that MagicBands are here at Disneyland, this is yet another essential way to carry payment and ticket information. 


Fuel rod new


My portable charger is Disneyland’s FuelRod because I never have to worry about keeping my phone charged. You buy it once and there are swap stations throughout the resort.

I found my first charging cord bracelet at Five Below and am hooked. I don’t need to bulk up my bag by keeping long cords around. I use this charging cord bracelet only for travel so it stays packed in my travel gear at all times. 

Pack More in My Disneyland Bag

Add these items to the above list if you have more space in your bag. Remember, your bags can go on every Disneyland ride with you so there’s no need to worry about where to store it. 




  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandages
  • OTC meds
  • Toothbrush/floss

Sunscreen is a must when at Disneyland. Sometimes I keep it in my Disneyland locker with other bulkier items and reapply throughout the day. My favorite sunscreen to date is first using lotion with sunscreen each morning, then reapplying with Sun Bum Face Lotion.


Jessica Valentine horse


In a pinch, I carry a travel size Sun Bum meant for all skin. But I prefer the face version for my face if I have space.

Sunglasses are always with me at Disneyland, along with band-aids and meds (you can always get some at the Disneyland First Aid Center as well), over the counter meds and a travel toothbrush kit. It feels to good to clean my teeth after eating and drinking sweet things during the day.

The Top Disneyland Backpack

When I travel with my family of five or attend Disney for work and media events, I tend to bring more stuff into Disneyland.

I’ve turned into a locker type of girl but in the past I even rented a stroller just to avoid a locker! Now I’m looking forward to using my newest find at Disneyland . . . 


Designer Parks Company review


Now in pre-order, I have already have 3 of these Disneyland bags from Designer Park Company. This is better than anything else I have ever seen for an all-day park bag. It’s why I’m putting my money where my mouth is and am so excited for new products coming in 2024 too.

Use promo code HAPPIEST to save 10% off your purchase.


Skip the locker keep your things easily accessible in the new Designer Park Company Disneyland bag:

  • Water Bottle. The backpack holds any water bottle you buy at the airport, Disneyland or your hotel. The added hydration tube option attaches to any standard size water bottle which can be threaded through the back so you can drink without even taking your bottle out of your bag. Now that is how to stay hydrated in the parks!


Disney backpack ear holder


  • Mouse Ears. I love bringing my Mouse Ears to the parks but I hate wearing them all day and carrying them around. This bag puts them securely on display with a strap and pocket. It’s a simple solution to keep them safe when not in use but also makes a stylish statement.
  • Disney Trading Pins. I about gave up on bringing pins to the parks because they fall off everything! This solves the problem! A front compartment with laser cut pin holes allows for pins to be displayed, secured and moved without damaging the material.


Disney Bagpack for Pins


  • Hoodie. The zippered compartment at the bottom of the backpack holds a hidden netted hammock. Just pull it out to stash extra items like a sweatshirt, flip flops or popcorn bucket when needed.

If you’ve ever been with me to Disneyland you know that I am almost always cold. I bring hoodies, mittens, and layers. I get so cold that I bought this heated fleece vest to wear when temps drop. It plugs into my portable charger and I’m all set.

Beyond holding everything for Disneyland inside, my Designer Park Company backpack is stylish, high-quality vegan leather. The backpack is a statement piece for the chic Disney Mom and cute and customizable for every Disneyland teen, tween and kid. 

Top Disneyland Bag Must Haves

Now the complete and final list of what to pack in your Disneyland backpack, starting with the most essential 5 and adding extras as you go down the list.


inside Disneyland backpack


  1. Fully charged cell phone 
  2. Portable charger
  3. Charging cord bracelet 
  4. Lip balm
  5. Hair tie
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Bandages
  9. OTC meds
  10. Toothbrush/floss
  11. Water bottle
  12. Mouse Ears
  13. Hoodie
  14. Trading Pins
  15. Gum 
  16. Snacks
  17. Wet wipes
  18. Sanitizer
  19. Shower Cap comes in so handy!
  20. Disneyland Map for kids to enjoy
  21. Glow sticks for night time fun


Now that I’ve told you what’s in my Disneyland backpack, let’s hear what’s in yours! What would you add to my top 20 or so list? 

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    • Karen, thank you for asking! When the sun sets, it gets really dark at Disneyland Resort and all the fun, glow merchandise appears! Glow sticks are a great way to keep kids entertained and a great way to spot them amongst the night time crowds. Plus, they’re so cheap to buy outside the parks and bring in with you it’s a total win!

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