Romantic Spots to Propose at Disneyland

I love a good proposal story and have even helped some readers figure out where to propose at Disneyland, which led me to gather a few ideas for those waiting to pop the question at the Happiest Place on Earth. Best spots to propose at Disneyland. Romantic spots to propose, Disneyland proposal tips and more. #DisneyProposal #DisneylandProposal

Disneyland is arguably, one of the most romantic places on earth. It makes complete sense that you’d want to propose at a place that is simply is so magical and happy. Keep reading for more tips to help your Disneyland proposal go down in history.

Disneyland Proposal Prep

 I’m sure by now you’ve done plenty of ring shopping together and have the perfect piece picked out. Remember you will have to go through security before entering Disneyland Resort.

Engagement rings shouldn’t go off in a metal detector, so make sure you keep that ring on your person, because all bags will be searched.


Disneyland Proposal
Book your session now, click the photo above and save $25


You’ll also want to make sure you know what’s happening at the Disneyland Resort during your visit. I’ve mapped out the biggest events throughout the year in my planning guide here.

And if you’re planning to get help from any of your entourage, make sure they have all the details beforehand and know how to keep a secret! Get discount tickets for you and your soon-to-be-fiance here.

Here’s a full list of prohibited items at Disneyland just to be on the safe side. They also won’t let you dress in costume, so keep that out of your plans.

Don’t forget to have a back up plan. Rides are closed, fireworks get canceled and other random things can happen, so it’s always best to have back-up plan. With our huge list of Disneyland proposal spots, you’re sure to have a few good choices!

Best Disneyland Proposal Spots

Looking for the best spot to propose that Disneyland? There’s plenty to choose from and a lot of it will depend on your style as a couple, what kind of Disney characters are special to you, or if you’re just in it for the pure romance aspect, there’s something to fit every couple getting engaged at Disneyland.

You can find a full list below, along with tips for making it happen.

Mickey floral right inside the gates. Why wait a moment longer? Stop at the Mickey floral arrangement right as you walk in the gate and get it all captured on camera. Keep reading for more about photography and in-park photographers.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is where you have plenty of options. Propose right in front of the castle for everyone to see, or sneak off to the left side near Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. You can even go inside sleeping beauty Castle for the walkthrough tour, however it’s a little dark in there and can become crowded with other guests.


Disneyland Castle


“My fiance proposed to me under the castle. My parents and our son were there to enjoy that moment with us. The CM photographer took pictures when it happened and took us aside after to take a mini engagement session.” -Yajaira A.

Snow White’s Wishing Well which is just off to the right side of the castle. Bonus tips, there’s also a wishing well in Mickey’s Toontown to the side of Minnie’s House that might be a less crowded spot, but equally as photo-worthy!


wishing well proposal Disneyland


Lilly Belle is a private train car on the Disneyland Railroad not open to the general public, you can score access by reserving a spot on the Grand Circle Tour, be sure to tell the tour guides when you check in about your plans.

Before it was part of a private tour, Maggie A. had this experience to remember forever, “My husband proposed to me on a private ride on the Lilly Belle. Early in the day he asked a Cast Member for help for the ‘perfect’ spot to propose she said she could help arrange the private ride. When we pulled into Toon Town, he got down on one knee and asked if I would have an annual pass with him forever! Of course I said yes.”

Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour is another special and romantic option because you’ll get to see places normally off-limits to the general public. Read my review of this tour here.

Alicia G. adds, “My husband proposed at Disneyland in 2005. We did the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour and were able to go into the lobby of Club 33 and take a picture in the elevator. The tour guide took the picture of my husband proposing inside the elevator! I was so surprised and thrilled, it was truly a magical experience. The engagement ring also came Disneyland from the now closed estate jewelry store in New Orleans Square because my husband is amazing and knows my love of Disney!” 

Since she mentioned it, let’s just dive into Club 33 for a minute. I’ve dined there a couple times but it’s not open to the public and you must know a member to get in. Read about my Club 33 visit here

Mark Twain River Boat is super romantic and departs for a trip along Rivers of America several times per day. Up the ante and take a sunset trip for your proposal.


Fantasmic reserved space along Rivers of America


During Fireworks or right after just adds to the romance of a magical Disneyland proposal. Find a spot near the castle, on Main Street, U.S.A., near “it’s a small world” or Rivers of America.

The latter two tend to be less crowded, especially on nights when Fantasmic isn’t running. See which fireworks are showing during your trip here

Katie S. shares, My husband proposed to my on main street during the fireworks show right when it started to snow and it was on my birthday (december 19th)! They almost cancelled the fireworks due to weather and he was so mad, which was not like him at all! Turns out he was planning on proposing at the Blue Bayou but we couldn’t get reservations so the fireworks were his backup plan. It was absolutely perfect to me!”

Another Disneyland fireworks love story shared by Kayli H. “My hubby proposed to me in Disneyland! Seriously the best moment of my life. Saying yes to the man I call my best friend! That was in 2008! Under the fireworks and surrounded by all our family. Disneyland made it even more magical.”

Meet Mickey or your favorite Disney character and pop the question right there like Jamie’s husband did when he proposed in 2013. Jamie T. adds, “Not to mention this picture won us a 25k wedding from a bridal show/radio station lol!”


Mickey Mouse proposal
Courtesy Jamie Trevino


City Hall. Yes, there’s City Hall on Main Street, but I’m thinking of the City Hall backdrop in Mickey’s Toontown. There’s even a gazebo in front where you can propose right there at Disneyland!

Partners Statue, you know the one with Walt and Mickey with the castle in the background? Sarah C. agrees it’s the perfect Disneyland proposal spot, “My now hubby proposed to me over 11 years ago by the Walt and Mickey statue right in front of the castle.”

Best California Adventure Proposal Spots

And They Lived Happily Ever After sign inside the Animation Building in Holloywood Land makes for the perfect backdrop. “I was proposed to in front of the ‘and they lived happily ever after’ sign in the Animation Academy” -Danielle L. 

Pixar Pal-A-Round either in front of it on the steps of Paradise Bay (which is usually pretty empty) or inside a private non-swinging gondola. Ask a cast member to have one all to yourselves and pop the question overlooking California Adventure.


Disneyland proposal spots
Courtesy Jessica R


World of Color. This nighttime show has been on hiatus for a while, but reserving a perfectly romantic spot with a dessert party is the absolute way to go.


World of Color Season of Light

Best Disneyland Proposal Restaurants

There are so many romantic spots to propose at Disneyland Resort, but maybe you’d like something a little more private and out of the public eye. Choose one of these restaurants and make your reservations up to 60 days in advance via the Disneyland mobile app. More romantic spots and things to do in this date night at Disneyland article.



Blue Bayou Disneyland Proposal
Courtesy Veronica Tryon


Blue Bayou. You know the one, it’s the restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean. Don’t you just idolize everyone eating there when you float by? The dining area here is small so make sure you get those reservations in advance. When you check in, asked to be seated by the water for the ultimate romantic experience.

Carthay Circle at California Adventure. A stunning sit-down restaurant that is literally, above it all. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another place and time when you dine at this celebrated, Snow White inspired eatery. Read my full review on Carthay Circle Restaurant.

Catal in Downtown Disney. This dining reservation may be a little bit easier to snag if you can’t get any inside the parks, without sacrificing ambiance or quality. Catal Restaurant at the Downtown Disney District encompasses everything you need for a night of fine dining at the Disneyland Resort. Read my full review on Catal Restaurant here.

Napa Rose at the Grand Californian Hotel. And if you want to step it up a notch higher, make reservations at the chef counter. You won’t regret a night of fine dining at this beautiful venue, perfect for a proposal.

Disneyland Proposal Ideas

More Disneyland proposal ideas!

  1. Enlist professional help from Disneyland itself! Check out how Disney can make the right package for you to propose.
  2. Involve the entire family! Rachel C. says, “After being separated for two years and coming back together after a family trip to Disneyland, my husband re-proposed to me in Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell.”


Disneyland proposal with Tinker Bell
Courtesy Rachel Chavez


3. Hire a professional photographer to take engagement photos as it happens or even after-the-fact during a regular Disneyland day. More details on the photographers below.

4. Schedule a caricature in New Orleans Square. I even caught a proposal of happening during one of my many visits. They’ll draw a picture of you two, one asking the question, “will you marry me?” and the other with an empty speaking bubble until the answer is given.

They will post this sign “shhh, proposal in progress” so others won’t ruin the moment and spoil the surprise. After the picture is complete the artist will turn it around, giving you the chance to pop the question at Disneyland!


Propose at Disneyland

Disneyland Proposal Photographer

This photograph was completely un-staged and taken during a real, live proposal. Yes, it was even done during park operating hours! Keep reading to see why I recommend A&C Photography for your proposal (you can even save $25 by booking here).

Best Disneyland Proposal Spots


First off, I highly recommend A&C Photography for any Disneyland photo sessions you need. I used them for my family photos a few years ago. A&C Photography really gives such a unique touch to Disneyland engagement sessions. They can be there to catch the full surprise from start to finish and provide beautifully edited images for you to cherish forever. 

Disneyland Proposal Stories

Sarah F. “My husband proposed there! It was the last night of our trip. We had dressed up for dinner at the Napa Rose and he insisted on returning to the park in our nice clothes. I was actually mad at him that afternoon because it meant I couldn’t go on my favorite ride again (splash mountain) because walking around in wet heels at night sounded miserable. He convinced me it’d be worth it. We got a prime spot to watch the fireworks for the 50th anniversary (the theme was something like “wishes do come true”), just to the side of the Walt statue. During the fireworks finale as tinkerbell flew over the castle, he asked if I was ready for my wishes to come true, and dropped to one knee!”


Disneyland proposal spots
Courtesy Sharleen G.


Ellie B. “My husband proposed to me in front of the French Market overlooking the Rivers of America in April of 2007. He was planning to propose in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle but it was closed and his plan B was to propose during the fireworks but we got there and he was so anxious and excited to get it over with that he couldn’t wait that long. He was trying to get me to take a decent selfie of us while holding the ring box open next to me so that when I checked my camera I would see him holding the ring. I tried to take the picture about 3 or 4 times but I was just not getting the right angle and I kept cutting me and the ring out of the frame while he kept having to close and open the box one-handed so I wouldn’t catch on. Finally, a nice lady who saw me struggling and could tell what he was up to came over and offered to take our picture. She took it and handed me the camera while I looked at it in shock and tried to hold back tears. We were standing in the exact same place he had first asked me to be his girlfriend almost 4 years earlier. We married in April of 2008 and now we have two toddlers we love to share the magic of Disneyland with.”

My husband proposed to me in front of the wishing well, after I tossed a coin and made a wish. I’ve always loved the Seven Dwarfs, so it was perfect!” Vanessa G.

“My now-husband proposed to me in front of Snow White’s grotto in Disneyland in April 2013. I hadn’t been to Disneyland in a long time (and had never been with my husband at that point). We had arrived a bit later in the day then I wanted and as soon as we went through the gates I insisted we head right to Tomorrowland and get Fastpasses for Space Mountain. But his mother made us stop and take a picture in front of the castle. I literally grumbled the whole time. I then tugged on my husbands sleeve to drag him to Space Mountain and he was like “well let’s just maybe look around for a second??” So I grumbled and kinda tagged along behind him to the wishing well with a bad attitude. Once we got there we just kind of stood there (later he told me he just got really nervous). So eventually I suggested we at least make a wish in the well while we were there. And then that’s when he proposed. His mother and aunt were on the trip with us. But they stayed back so that we could “have a moment together”. A few feet away was a line to meet and greet with Belle. And her cast member friend yelled over at us “Well?!?! What did she say???” And I yelled back “I said yes!” The whole line of people (and Belle) started clapping. It was quite cute. It’s a nice spot if people are looking for recommendations! It was recommended to my husband by the check-in counter Cast Member at the Grand Californian when we checked in there before going to the parks.” -Tara G.

Now that it’s all said and done, go to one of the shops inside Disneyland Resort and get a free Happily Ever After button to begin the celebration! Do you have a Disneyland proposal story to share? We’d love to hear about it!

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