What’s In My Disneyland Bag?

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What’s in my Disneyland bag? You asked, I tell all. I aim to go light when I travel to Disneyland but today I’ll show you three options for Disneyland bags: those for family Disneyland bags, adults visiting without young kids and a bag for a teen, tween or solo adult to carry in Disneyland.

What's in my Disneyland bag?
What’s in my Disneyland bag? Find out exactly what you should bring into the parks!

What’s In My Disneyland Bag?

When I travel with the family and our three kids, I tend to bring more stuff into Disneyland. I’m not a locker type of girl and I’ve even rented a stroller just to avoid it (you can read about the “stroller locker” here). I try to pack light and bring in only what’s needed, especially items that perform double duty. Here’s a peek inside the actual bags I bring into Disneyland beginning with a the smallest Disneyland bag option and adding on to those essentials as your group gets bigger.

What’s In My Disneyland Bag? Teens & Adults

My daughter decided she wants to bring her own bag into Disneyland this time around. That’s great for me because it means I have less things to carry. This is also a great option for adults who want to bring in very little and keep their hands free.

  1. The bag itself is a super light-weight cross-body bag with multiple zippers and pockets. It’s very flat and fits only the essentials. I also love one particular zipper pouch that’s perfect for holding your Disneyland tickets and FASTPASSES without having to rummage through your entire bag. Plus, it’s very affordable.
  2. Disneyland map (always handy, even if you have the Disneyland app and/or know the park inside and out).
  3. Disneyland autograph book and pen.
  4. Disney pins and lanyard.
  5. Coin pouch (perfect for pressed pennies!) from Lake Tahoe Trading Co.
  6. Gum (you can’t buy any on Disney property) and small snack (crunchy granola bars don’t melt or break easily).
  7. Disney Lip Smackers with SPF.

What’s In My Disneyland Bag? Adults with More Stuff

I have this adorable Minnie Mouse bag that holds a bit more for a long day at Disneyland. I tend to bring a little more stuff than the above option, let’s see what’s inside my Disneyland bag.

What’s in my Disneyland bag? Take a peek inside a Disneyland expert’s park bag.
  1. First thing that goes in is my sarong. I’ve talked about it before, it comes in super handy for holding spots for parades like Paint The Night, a blanket when it’s cold, some shade when needed, and a shield for Splash Mountain. It’s very light weight and folds up small. You could also get a poncho, but I like a pretty sarong instead.
  2. Disneyland map.
  3. Gum and small snack.
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Wet wipes and/or kleenex. Disney tissues are usually found at dollar stores.
  6. Portable charger for my phone.
  7.  Disney Lip Smackers with SPF, because I’m just a little obsessed with Lip Smackers.
  8. Cell phone case / clutch from Lake Tahoe Trading Co. which I absolutely cannot live without at Disneyland. It holds my phone and cash/cards in a little zippered pouch. Get one with a wrist or shoulder strap and you are good to go.
  9. Not pictured: a hair tie! A must for ladies with longer hair that goes every which way on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  10. Not pictured: Tylenol or your favorite brand for minor aches and pains.

What’s In My Disneyland Bag? Family Backpack

What's in my Disneyland bag?
What’s in my Disneyland bag? Take a look at what a Disneyland expert brings to the parks and what you should pack in your bag!

Just as I discussed above, we’ve got the basics and added a few more things:

  1. poncho, but I like a pretty sarong instead.
  2. Disneyland map
  3. Gum and snacks like Stax or Pringles, granola bars, lollipops, Capri Sun (freeze them and drink as they defrost), Gatorade, Disney fruit snacks, water bottle.
  4. Sunscreen.
  5. Sanitizer, wet wipes and/or kleenex.
  6. Portable charger for my phone.
  7. Disney Lip Smackers with SPF.
  8. Cell phone case / clutch from Lake Tahoe Trading Co.
  9. Disneyland autograph book and pen.
  10. Glow sticks from the dollar store or Michael’s instead of buying expensive light-up things from Disney.
  11. Hair tie and maybe even a small brush.
  12. Tylenol or your favorite brand for minor aches and pains.

Now that I’ve told you what’s in my Disneyland bag, let’s hear what’s in yours!

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    • Karen, thank you for asking! When the sun sets, it gets really dark at Disneyland Resort and all the fun, glow merchandise appears! Glow sticks are a great way to keep kids entertained and a great way to spot them amongst the night time crowds. Plus, they’re so cheap to buy outside the parks and bring in with you it’s a total win!

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