How Much Does it Cost to go to Disneyland?

How much does it cost to go to Disneyland—our Disneyland ticket calculator does the math for you. That is one of the most commonly asked question I get when people ask me about Disneyland (the other being when’s the best time to visit, which I cover here).How much does it cost to go to Disneyland? Disneyland ticket calculator and tips for saving the most money when you visit Disneyland Resort. #Disneylandtickets #Disneylandbudget #Disneylandcalculator

Yes, it’s expensive. And prices can be a shocker if you haven’t been to Disneyland in a while and the ticket prices have jumped $20 or more over several years. 

I understand it’s disappointing. I understand it’s difficult to swing a trip to Disneyland, that’s why we have put together all the best ways to save for Disneyland, including using our Disneyland ticket calculator below.

Disneyland tickets, food, flights hotels, souvenirs—there are so many costs adding up when planning a Disneyland vacation. How much is this Disneyland trip going to cost me? The dads sporting those “Most Expensive Day Ever” shirts know what I’m talking about.

But before we given and buy the shirt, let’s let’s break it down with our Disneyland ticket calculator.

How Much are Disneyland tickets?

When people ask “how much does it cost to go to Disneyland?” what they’re really asking is, “how much is the Disneyland ticket?” And if they can get over is that price, then they’ll continue to planning a vacation with flights hotels and all the other actions that come into play.

Answering that question isn’t as easy as it seems because prices fluctuate depending on the day you go, but that’s only if you’re going for one day.

If you’re looking to maximize your savings and really enjoy your time at Disneyland Resort, follow these steps for getting the lowest price Disneyland tickets and then use our Disneyland ticket calculator below:

  1. Do not buy your tickets at the gate. In fact, don’t even buy your tickets from Disneyland itself. Unless you qualify for a specific discount such as military or the occasional Southern California resident pass, you want to buy your tickets at a discount. Book discount tickets with my ticket partner here and save over the price hike at the gate. Typical savings are a few dollars off per ticket and the more days to go, the more you save on your daily admission cost.
  2. Buy before Disneyland prices go up. Disneyland ticket prices generally go up each year by at least a few dollars, and sometimes Disney raises rates more than one time a year without notice. Generally, ticket prices increase at the beginning of a new year. Basically, if you know when you want to visit Disneyland, lock in your ticket prices as early as possible. My ticket partner even offers a Disneyland layaway plan so you can lock in the current ticket prices without worrying about a price increase.
  3. What if I only have one day? Disneyland does not offer discounts on one day tickets. Prices for various tier days at Disneyland are $104 and go up to $154. That’s for one park, one day only. Why pay that when you can go for two days for a little bit more, especially if you want to park hop? Plus, multi-day tickets don’t need to be used consecutively. 
  4. Do not get scammed! If you ever see a huge discount from some random person online, I’d run for the hills—fast! 

Disneyland Ticket Calculator

Try our new Disneyland ticket calculator. In this Disneyland calculator, you can see Disneyland prices, but remember, you can get your tickets cheaper than this! Calculate your ticket prices, then compare and save with my ticket partner.


Let’s shave some dollars off those Disneyland ticket prices. Head over to my ticket partner and get discount Disneyland tickets now.Discount Tickets

How Much is Disneyland food?

Feeding the family inside Disneyland can be a big expense. Our family of 5 usually spends about $125 a day on food in the parks.

We bring a few snacks and generally eat 2 meals in the park and lots of Disneyland treats. You can certainly plan accordingly and cut back on how much you spend on food in the park, especially if you pick items from our 10 Disneyland Meals for $10 article.



Disneyland Corn Dog


On one trip we ate breakfast before heading into the parks, got a free lunch at Earl of Sandwich (see my list of all the places to eat at Downtown Disney here) and only spent money on dinner and a couple treats for me and my three kids. 


Disneyland Kid meals


Another time I spent 3 days at the park with just me and one of my girlfriends. We ate 3 meals in the park for 2 days of our trip and 2 meals in the park on 1 day (this is beginning to sound like my kid’s homework). Sometimes we shared meals, sometimes we didn’t. I averaged about $40 a day on food. Pretty good if you ask me!

How much are Disneyland hotels?

There are so many hotels in the Disneyland Resort area, and there are so many price options and amenities to choose from. I like to stay a close to Disneyland as I can, so I usually review a new area hotel a few times a year. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites. Plus you can access all my hotel reviews here.

Either way you’re good to go when you use my promo code DisneylandPlan to save an extra $10 off a ticket and hotel Disneyland vacation package. Package

How Much Does it Cost to drive or fly to Disneyland?

Road trippin’ it to Disneyland is usually the cheapest way to go, if you’re within a days drive of Disneyland. We usually drive rather than fly and instantly save at least $500 with our party of 5.


Long Beach Airport
Courtesy Long Beach Airport


When I fly out to Disneyland for work (yes, this is my actual job), I like to check flights on Southwest Airlines or JetBlue. My favorite airport to fly into is usually Long Beach, but I’ve also covered LAX so you can get to Disneyland quickly no matter where you land.

Want to get all my money saving tips in one spot? My book Disneyland On Any Budget is now available on Amazon. You’ll find tons of hotel tips, including details on our favorite area to stay near the parks, insider information and stories from real Disneyland guests who know how to save! 

How much did it cost for you to go to Disneyland? Did you try our Disneyland ticket calculator to help plan out your trip?

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7 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to go to Disneyland?

  • Steve Surjaputra

    Since I live relatively close to Disneyland (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes away), I opted to get the top season pass.
    Yes, it’s over $1000 dollars, but parking is included and I get 10-15 percent discounts at stores and restaurants in the park. It’s also a park hopper pass so I can jump between the two parks and I can go when I want (no blackout dates). What’s also good is that I can spread the payments over 12 months with no interest since I live in Southern California.

    • Steve, thanks for your insight. An Annual Pass can be a fab choice for locals and even some out of state frequent visitors. You’re spot on with the discounts, free parking (on certain passes), and monthly payments for So Cal residents. I definitely need get some more content written specifically for APs. Feel free to email me through the contact page, I’d love to get your opinion on a few things as I work on some AP content.

  • Love this post! I didn’t know it was possible to get discount tickets to Disney, at all. I’m going to check out that link. Shawn wants to fly next time we go… the cost kills me but I think he’s right. Our little guy HATES the car. We are going again in Sept/Oct for the little mans birthday. If you have tips for Disney at Halloween, I’m excited to hear them. 🙂 Also when should I grab tickets for the not-so-scary halloween party?!

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