Disneyland Treats

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We’re talking about Disneyland treats worth biting into. Can you already smell the cinnamon sugar, the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and envision people walking by with chocolate covered bananas? Disneyland treats will hit your sweet tooth every time!

Disneyland Treats from The Happiest Blog on Earth.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of things about Disneyland, and I’ve even learned a lot about my husband through our Disneyland visits. Apparently the only way he can function at Disneyland is by consuming huge amounts of yummy snacks and treats. Anyone else in the same boat?


Churro Sundae Disneyland


I first learned this important fact when we went to Disneyland and California Adventure on our honeymoon. I wanted to go on ride after ride all day and he wanted to consume sugar all day.


Can you spot the hidden Mickey on a certain frozen treat?


Since I am all about compromise, I have made it tradition to supply him with a Disney gift card to use however he wants.

Here’s a break down of his Disneyland treat choices (and some of mine!).

Disneyland Treats | Churros

Deep fried pastry strips coated in cinnamon sugar. Delicious to share, amazing to indulge in on your own.

 You can find Churros At Disneyland on carts scattered throughout the park, especially around the hub just in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Just follow your nose. Plus, churros and (sometimes) churro bites are offered at the Cozy Cone Motel at California Adventure.
Disneyland churro


For Churros At Home you can create a homemade version with a churro nozzle on your cookie press to make delicious and easy churro bites. Not in the mood for cooking? Head to Costco for a cheap Disneyland treat.. Not in the mood for cooking? Head to Costco for a cheap Disneyland treat.

Disneyland Treats | Mickey Premium Bar

Sure, it’s just vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate shell. But this is a Mickey shell people and it’s delicious. I think I only got about 1/2 an ear before my husband and kids gobbled it down. But it’s so cute and irresistible- kinda like Mickey Mouse himself.


Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Disneyland treats.


Bonus tip: grab a lid from a nearby restaurant counter and help catch all that chocolate that tends to break off because you wouldn’t want chocolate stains on your favorite Disney parks purse, now would you?  Get Mickey Premium Bars at Disneyland on carts scattered throughout the park with other frozen delights.


Don't let good chocolate go to waste. This and other Disneyland tips from The Happiest Blog on Earth.


Want a Mickey Premium Bar At Home? I’ve heard you can find them on occasion at Wal Mart (please report when and where in the comments!). You can also try putting ice cream in these Mickey shaped molds, then coating it with chocolate. The molds are also good for Mickey mouse ice cubes or even homemade crayons. Another way to make these delicious treats at home can be found right here.

Disneyland Treats | Frozen Banana

You’ve just gotta have a frozen banana at Disneyland. We had-um-several during our last trip. At Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream on California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street we even ordered an ice cream sundae with a frozen banana in it! Amazing!

Find Frozen Banana At Disneyland on carts scattered throughout the park with other frozen delights.
To make a Frozen Banana At Home, do it the easy way: slice bananas, lay out on a parchment covered baking sheet, spoon melted chocolate on top of sliced bananas. Freeze and eat. It’s like frozen finger food goodness.

Disneyland Treats | Popcorn

Seriously, I have a problem. And it involves popcorn. I cannot resist buttered popcorn. I can’t go to the movies without buying popcorn, I can barely get through a Target trip without popcorn (I just use the kids as an excuse) and I certainly cannot go through 1 day at the Disneyland Resort without having a bag of popcorn (or 2).


Disneyland popcorn 


Find Popcorn At Disneyland on carts scattered throughout the park like ones in Frontierland near the Mark Twain, in Tomorrowland and especially near the Partners statue in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

To make Disneyland Popcorn At Home, pop it up with this authentic Mickey popcorn popper then be sure to buy a souvenir popcorn bucket on your Disneyland vacation or get these cute Disney snack boxes to make your popcorn even more magical.

Disneyland Treats | Dole Whips

Good news for us, there’s copycat recipes all over Pinterest so you can indulge even when you’re not at Disneyland.


Dole Whip Disneyland

If you haven’t tried a Dole Whip, it’s basically soft serve pineapple ice cream. But don’t worry, there are no chunks! No one in our camp had any complaints- expect that there wasn’t enough! I personally like the Dole Whip float the best, super refreshing on a hot summer day.
Find Dole Whips At Disneyland at the Tiki Juice Bar and Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland. You can also sneak around to the back which is in the waiting area for the Enchanted Tiki Room, lines might be a bit shorter and there’s plenty of places to sit. 
To make Dole Whips At Home try one of the recipes here. You might even find pineapple flavor soft serve at your local yogurt shop. And lucky for us, in the summer months we have a little shack nearby that sells them. I can totally get my fix all summer long.

Disneyland Treats | Mickey Pretzel

It’s hard to believe we ate all of this in one day, in addition to regular meals. We had a late lunch (and obviously so many snacks) that our family of 5 split this yummy pretzel for dinner. Cheapest meal we’ve eaten in the park to-date, and if you’re in need of more cheap meals in the parks, check out our article on 10 Disneyland meals for $10 or less.


Mickey Pretzel

Find a Mickey Pretzel At Disneyland at Refreshment Corner on Main Street, Bengal Barbecue near Indiana Jones, as well as near it’s a small world, in Tomorrowland and Frontierland.
Make a Mickey Pretzel At Home: I don’t have any Mickey shaping tricks for you, but you can make regular soft pretzels at home with this recipe, or pick up one at the local mall.

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It’s a good thing Disney stocks their theme parks full of the best goodies around, tempting your tastebuds at every corner. Tell us about your favorite Disneyland treats, we’re always looking for new things to try!

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