Top Things to Buy Before Your Disneyland Vacation

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Top Things to Buy Before Your Disneyland Vacation. This is an ever evolving list; if you have something to add be sure to comment below on your top must-buys before going to Disneyland. 

Disneyland Tickets

I never wait until the last minute to get Disneyland tickets, because that just means you’ll be paying more. I alway recommend buying in advance from my ticket partner at Get Away Today
Disneyland Tickets Discounts

Disney Gift Cards

I love using the Target Red Card trick for saving 5% on Disney gift cards. Yup, there’s a loop hole in the classification of Disney gift cards at Target. Since they fall under “entertainment cards” you’ll save 5% on Disney gift cards. Take those gift cards with you on vacation and distribute to the kids for their souvenir budget.
Disney gift card 5% off

Disneyland Plans

Wing it? It’s possible, but feedback and testimonials from users say using a Disneyland Plan has helped them have an even better Disneyland vacation. You can print various Disneyland Plans here and take them with you to cross all the important things off your list.Disneyland Plan thumbnail

Grab a bundle of plans that include Disneyland tips and access to:

  • Disneyland Classics Plan
  • Disneyland Storybook Plan
  • Princess Plan at Disneyland Park
  • Thrill Seekers at Disneyland Park
  • Baby Bump at Disneyland Park
  • Disneyland Reunion Plan

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge details are not included in any printable plans at this time. Please see my detailed article about Galaxy’s Edgeor schedule a phone call (above) to determine the best plan of attack for this incredible new land. 

Cool Down / Warm Up Products

Whether it’s hot or cold during your visit, you’ll want to be prepared. In the summer I bring along simple spray bottles, but many families opt for the spray bottles with fans attached. Either way, you’ll want to get yours before you go because they’re so much more expensive on site.Screen Shot at .. AM
When cooler weather strikes I am the first one to be freezing! I keep warm with these around my neck. They stay warm for hours and it’s amazing how just having your neck warm can really keep you comfortable once the sun goes down.
Bonus pick: Throw some ponchos in this category too! If you don’t want to get wet or want to ride on a cool evening, you’ll be glad you have these on hand.

Mickey & Minnie Ears 

Custom Mickey Mouse ears with your name embroidered on the back (or side for Minnie headbands) is a timeless classic.
Minnie Ears
Everyone wants just the right set of ears with their name on them. You’ll be ready to take family photos the moment you first walk down Main Street, U.S.A and toward Sleeping Beauty Castle. 
But your ears before you go and avoid waiting at the popular embroidery spots inside the park. 

Groceries & Snacks

As your trip gets closer a lot of families like the convenience of ordering groceries online. Many hotels will accept deliveries for you from places like Amazon or the local grocery store, Vons. 
You can bring food, snack and drinks with you to Disneyland—just no glass containers or loose ice (bagged ice in coolers is just fine).
Disneyland groceries
If you prefer to do shopping for food and snacks when you arrive, I suggest one of these nearby grocery stores—even if you don’t have a rental car.

Add to the List

This spot is just for you! I’m taking your suggestions and putting them in! I’ll start . . . 
Glow sticks are the perfect solution for late nights at Disneyland. Pull this set out of your backpack when you’re waiting for night shows like Fantasmic or World of Color to begin. Glow sticks are a great distraction and also help keep your eye on each other when it’s dark out.
What are your “Top Things to Buy Before Your Disneyland Vacation?”

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