Disneyland Rides Worth the Wait

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Let’s discover Disneyland rides worth the wait. Because sometimes we go to Disneyland during summer or Christmas break and even when we’ve used all of the best line beating strategies, we may have to wait in a line or two.

Disneyland Rides Worth the Wait

Disneyland Rides Worth the Wait

Not all Disneyland lines are created equal. Our worth the wait focuses on not just the best rides, but what queues are both entertaining and interactive.

While some lines have you waiting in the hot California sun with little to look at for an hour or more, see which attractions made our list of Disneyland rides worth the wait—keeping you immersed in the Disney magic and somewhat occupied while you wait.

Disneyland Lines

D23 Expo Lines
D23 Expo Lines

I’m not a fan of waiting in long lines at Disneyland. In fact, I’m not really a fan of waiting in lines at all.  My job is to help you avoid waiting in too many lines which is one reason I create VIP Custom Park Plans for readers.

But there are times when Disneyland is so crowded and even when you utilize the new Disney MaxPass, you’re still going to have to wait for a ride or two.

Disneyland Single Rider Lines, ride Matterhorn and other rides without the long wait!
Disneyland Single Rider Lines.

Today we’re gonna take a twisty-turn and share “Disneyland rides  worth the wait” and why you might actually enjoy the queue leading up to the main attraction.

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The Line at Mickey’s House

Tucked inside Mickey’s Toontown, you’ll find lots of fun things to explore, including Mickey’s House. The wait time posted outside might say 30 minutes, but that doesn’t include the time you spend checking out all the details of Mickey’s house. It’s an interactive and photo-op filled attraction.

Walk through every room of Mickey’s abode and keep an eye out for:

  • Familiar books with a Mickey Mouse twist like Random Mouse Dictionary
  • A TV that plays a classic Disney cartoon
  • Collectibles on display and a special photo of Mickey and Walt Disney
  • Mickey’s phone (hang around to hear some messages left my his pals)
  • Handwritten reminders hanging on Mickey’s bulletin board
  • A classic player piano and old-time radio
  • Mickey’s famous gloves getting super clean in his washing machine
  • A famous broomstick from Fantasia
  • Pluto’s doghouse in the back

As you can see, Mickey’s house is filled with fun details from his life. At the end of the self-guided tour you’ll get the chance to meet Mickey himself! This wait hardly feels like any wait at all.

The Line at Minnie’s House


Minnie’s house is a lot like Mickey’s but with her own girly flair. Another thing to note is since Minnie’s house is smaller, they tend to only let in a certain number of people at one time. You’ll wait outside first, then be invited inside.

If you’ve been here before or don’t want to explore, quickly make your way through the house and out to the back where Minnie Mouse awaits your arrival.

Here’s what you might find while wandering through Minnie’s house:

  • Framed photos over a candy-colored fireplace
  • Sophisticated  mouse themed magazines like Mademousele and Cosmousepolitan
  • A Cheesemore refrigerator stocked full of every cheese known to “mouse-kind”
  • Watch Minnie’s cake in the oven rise and fall with the turn of a knob
  • Get ready for the day at Minnie’s heart shaped vanity
  • Log onto Minnie’s sweetheart-shaped computer and check her email
  • Talking wishing well in the backyard with Minnie’s voice


Minnie’s house is one of my favorite stops in Mickey’s Toontown, it really makes the magic come alive for me and my kids.

The Line for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin


I usually skip this ride all together, and a lot of the time lines are short. But instead of sweat it out in Fantasyland on a recent visit, we sought refuge in Mickey’s Toontown.

I forgot how fun the queue for this attraction is. There’s tons of props and things to look at as you make your way through and it keeps you cool and out of the sun (or rain!).

The Line for Snow White’s Scary Adventures

eyland Rides Worth the Wait

It’s not called “scary adventures” for nothing, be aware that young children may get frightened on this attraction. Also note that while it’s not one of the worst waits, I truly wouldn’t wait more that 20 minutes for this ride.

The entertainment for Snow White’s Scary Adventures begins outside the forbidden looking castle, look up at the window above the entrance and in time you’ll see the Evil Queen look down on those below.

When you enter the queue, you’ll find a bookstand and a poison apple . Touch the apple if you dare, then listen to what happens next! As you continue inside the dark castle halls, notice the dungeon scene off to the side with more of Snow White’s story displayed on a book behind the prison gates.

As you approach the loading area, you’ll see the cottage where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs live and get ready to board a mine car named for one of your favorite dwarfs.

The Line for Star Tours

Photo credit: HarshLight / Foter.com / CC BY
Photo credit: HarshLight / Foter.com / CC BY

Unlike Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Star Tours is one of our not-to-miss rides at Disneyland. It’s common for this attraction to see 60-90 minutes plus for a stand-by wait time. While I think my limit is more at 45 minutes, this queue is a good one to wait in if you have to wait.

To start, you may need to wait outside the Star Tours building in Tomorrowland, not so fun. But soon you’ll head inside to a land of tomorrow spaceport. Those of us waiting are now tourists ready to embark on a journey into space. Look around an you’ll see travel ads for distant locals and of course you’ll find the focal point of the queue, C-3PO and R2-D2.

As you near the cargo bay, C-3PO and R2-D2 talk and interact with guests making this one line you might actually enjoy, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan.

The Line for Space Mountain

Before the days of FASTPASS, I spent many hours of my life waiting in line for Space Mountain. It’s one of the classic rollercoasters of our time and the space experience is out of this world!

When you enter into the spaceport, you’ll be above the ride and can look down on the loading passengers. The dark, neon-lit queue makes for a nice relief from the outside sun and puts you right into thrill-mode as you anticipate your ride into space.

The Line for Indiana Jones Adventure

I think I once waited 3 hours to ride Indiana Jones Adventure, bumper to bumper, person to person. Those are days I don’t miss.

Even so, Indiana Jones has one of the most interactive queues at the Disneyland Resort. If you can’t secure a FASTPASS for this Adventureland favorite, here’s what to expect while you wait.

You’ll begin outside passing the transport truck actually used in the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Enter an archeological expedition you won’t soon forget as you wind through caves where archeologists have been hard at work, toward the temple. This queue is a touch and feely type. Be sure to pull on and touch anything that says not to and find hidden surprises along the way.

The ancient writing on the wall are intended to be decoded. When the ride first opened in 1995, cards were distributed to decode the secret messages. After making your way through the winding tunnels of the temple, you enter a chamber where a short film is played revealing the plot of Indiana Jones Adventure.

When you leave the film room, be sure to turn back toward the projector to find the Eeyore parking lot sign from back in the day when this area of the park was nothing but a parking lot. If you can’t seem to spot the white Eeyore figure, ask a cast member to shine a flashlight for you.

The Line for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters


Buzz Lightyear is a very fun attraction for kids, teens and adults. It is similar to Toy Story Mania at California Adventure, but the queue here at Disneyland is a lot more tolerable. If the line extends past the inside entrance, consider waiting until it’s a bit shorter. When you have to wait outside, the line may not be worth waiting in.

Once inside you’ll find a colorful display of Toy Story themed art work and audio overlay. There’s plenty to look at a listen to as you learn about your mission to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg until you meet a life-size Buzz Lightyear who will further explain your duties as a member of Star Command.

The Line for Pirates of the Caribbean

Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort

Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disneyland classic. When you enter the manor, you will see boats passing by along with an incredible display of pirate loot. As you make your way through the queue you are further immersed into a pirate’s life. Before boarding, you’ll notice Blue Bayou in the distant grotto and lanterns lighting your way.

Walking through the Pirates of the Caribbean queue really gets you ready to experience the thrills on the high seas.

What ride would you wait for no matter the wait time? Even though Peter Pan’s Flight doesn’t make the list because it’s queue is less than interesting, I don’t mind waiting (even in the sun!) for one of my favorites. What makes your Disneyland rides worth the wait list?

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