Why You’re Paying Too Much for Disneyland Tickets

It’s no secret, Disneyland entry fees are expensive—and you’re probably paying too much.

If you’re anything like most people, you spend the majority of your hard earned money on Disneyland admission. But for you, that ends now.

I’m exposing the secrets behind why you’re paying more than you should for admission and how you can actually get into Disneyland for less money.

Disneyland Deals in All the Wrong Places

There’s a right and wrong place to get Disneyland discounts. Keep reading in order to save the most on Disneyland prices!

Why you're paying too much for Disneyland tickets

You’re Paying Too Much for Disneyland admission because you buy tickets at Disneyland Resort itself . . .

You’re smart and web savvy, no doubt about it. So of course you head to Disneyland’s official website to see what kind of deals you can get on Disneyland tickets.

They are after all, the owner of Disneyland so you’d think they can offer you the best price.

Nope! Turns out Disneyland doesn’t discount their tickets directly. When you buy direct through Disney, either online, via mobile app or at the guest services booths you’ll pay top price. Total bummer.

You’re Paying More Than You Need To for Disneyland Tickets because you buy them on eBay or Other Online Classifieds . . .

No doubt you’ll find “deals” here for Disneyland, but most are too good to be true. Don’t buy from online resellers.

Only authorized Disney ticket sellers can give discounts, and even then it’s only a few dollars off per day. You won’t find some amazing deal at half price. And if you end up buying a fraudulent ticket, Disneyland will have no sympathy. You’ll need to buy another full price ticket at the gate. Just don’t do it.

Disneyland castle ticket

The real place to get your Disneyland discount tickets is from our partner, Get Away Today before heading over to Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Tickets at the Last Minute

You can totally plan a last minute trip to Disneyland, but buying last minute admission isn’t always the best idea. 

You’re Paying Too Much for Disneyland because you buy admission at the gate . . . 

Last minute tickets almost always put you at Disneyland Resort gates paying top dollar for entry and you could have bought them in advance. But, if you must by Disneyland tickets day-of, don’t wait in line at the ticket booth. Just download the official Disneyland app, buy your tickets and scan your phone at the turnstiles. Not money saved, but time saved—most definitely.

Buy your Disneyland discount tickets in advance or call them last minute at 855 Get Away and let them know The Happiest Blog on Earth sent you. 

One Day Disneyland Admission

Your Disneyland tickets are move expensive because you don’t get cheaper daily rates on a one day entry . . . 

Disneyland Tickets Discounts

Even with Disneyland’s new demand-based admission structure, you’ll pay more for visiting just one day. Every day you add to your ticket, you pay less per day.

Plus, you can use your ticket anytime within a 2 week period after its first use. This is super convenient for locals who can break up their visit over 2 weekends.

You Miss Disneyland Discounts

You’re Paying More Than Enough for Disneyland Tickets because you don’t look for discounts . . . 

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Discounts for Southern California residents pop up from time to time, and there are huge savings for active-duty military, but the best place to get year-round discounts is from our trusted partner, Get Away Today. Quit spending more than you need to on Disneyland admission, grab your discount Disneyland admission now.

How can I help you plan your Disneyland vacation? Let’s talk! 

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