Disney MaxPass: New Disneyland FASTPASS

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All the details on the new Disneyland FASTPASS, Disney MaxPass program with digital options now live at Disneyland Resort

New FASTPASS system to debut at Disneyland Resort coming soon!
New FASTPASS system to debut at Disneyland Resort coming soon!

Disneyland FASTPASS History

Paper FASTPASSES will no longer be distributed! FASTPASSES are now tied to your park ticket! Make sure you write names on the backs of tickets and keep them in a safe place for scanning at FASTPASS return lines. To secure a FASTPASS reservation just go to the kiosk as usual, it will print a reminder, but your FASTPASS info will be stored on your ticket instead.

In October 2015 Disneyland began quietly testing MagicBand and FastPass+ technology. Riders entering the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy FASTPASS line were directed to scan their FASTPASS barcode upon entering the queue. When the light turns from red to green, indicating a valid FASTPASS, they are admitted to the FASTPASS line.

Disney MaxPass
Disney MaxPass

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Here’s everything you need to know for the new Disneyland FASTPASS system, Disney MaxPass.

What is the New Disney MaxPass?

Disney MaxPass is very similar to the paper FASTPASSES we’ve been using for years, allowing you to make a reservation for select attractions at the Disneyland Resort.

Paper FASTPASSES at Disneyland are soon to be a thing of the past. Get the latest on the new digital FP program.
Paper FASTPASSES at Disneyland are soon to be a thing of the past. Get the latest on the new digital FP program.

Disney MaxPass, your new FASTPASS reservations will be tied to your ticket via the Disneyland mobile app and/or your Disneyland Annual Pass. Disneyland does not use MagicBands like they do at Walt Disney World.

Disney MaxPass the New FASTPASS

Toy Story Midway Mania FASTPASS entrance
FASTPASS entrance will be the same for MaxPass and paper FASTPASS guests.

The first phase of Disneyland’s new digital FASTPASS is called Disney MaxPass. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Disney MaxPass is $15 per person (ticket) per day, an increase from the intro price of 10.
  • You can purchase Disney MaxPass once you enter the parks for the day
  • Disney MaxPass allows you to secure FASTPASS reservations through the Disneyland app
  • With Disney MaxPass you will use your mobile device to book and redeem FASTPASSES (except World of Color and Fantasmic!)
  • You may manage your entire group’s (we’ve had guests linking  up to 11 people/tickets per account) FASTPASSES on one mobile device
  • Your Disney MaxPass does not activate until you enter the park
  • There are no advance reservations allowed, only day of reservations
  • You may reserve FASTPASSES while in Disneyland Park for an attraction at California Adventure and vise-versa
  • The lines you enter when redeeming Disney MaxPass FASTPASS is the same line as kiosk FASTPASS holders
  • The one FASTPASS at a time rule still applies (entire resort, not per park)
  • Disney MaxPass also allows you unlimited PhotoPass downloads (think ride photos and any pics taken by Disney photographers)
  • If your phone runs out of battery, scan your park ticket instead
  • Inside the MaxPass section of the app you can cancel a FASTPASS if your plans change

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Disneyland “Disney MaxPass” Q&A

FASTPASS reminder slip
Paper FASTPASSES are still around . . . for now.

1Can I still use the old FASTPASS options? Yes, you can still use the old, free FASTPASS option but instead of a paper FASTPASS being printed, the FASTPASS will be tied to your ticket.

2. Can I make new FASTPASS reservations in advance? Unlike FastPass+ at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort guests may NOT make advance reservations. FASTPASS reservations at Disneyland are only made on the day-of. You must walk in the park and have all tickets scanned at the gate to use and/or purchase MaxPass.
3. Where do I make my Disney MaxPass reservation? On the day of your Disneyland Resort visit, make your FASTPASS reservation through the official Disneyland app. Want to see how MaxPass works in action?
4. How many new FASTPASS reservations can I have at one time? For now, new FASTPASS reservations work almost identically to the old paper FASTPASS. You get one FASTPASS reservation at a time and can reserve another at the appointed time. Yes, this does mean you can hold multiple FASTPASS return times, depending on the return time. Detailed in-use strategies here.
5. What attractions have FASTPASS options? At Disneyland Park, Disney MaxPass includes:
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Haunted Mansion
  • “it’s a small world”
  • Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Matterhorn Bobsleds
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours

At California Adventure:

  • Goofy’s Sky School
  • Grizzly River Run
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!
  • Incredicoaster
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Toy Story Midway Mania

6. Are FASTPASS at each park linked? Yes! FASTPASSES at both parks are linked for traditional and MaxPass.

7. Is Disney MaxPass included in Disneyland Resort Hotel stay? No, MaxPass is not included for guests of Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian Hotel & Spa or Paradise Pier Hotel. Certain level Annual Passholders have it included, but that’s it.

8. Can I get a FASTPASS via the MaxPass app for World of Color and Fantasmic? No, as of this update, you must physically go to the FASTPASS distribution kiosk and obtain a return ticket for World of Color and Fantasmic.

9. Is there a limited allotment of FASTPASSES specifically for MaxPass users? The number of FASTPASSES for say, Radiator Springs Racers, is the same as it always has been. There is not a set amount reserved for MaxPass users or kiosk users. They are still first come, first serve. When they’re gone, they’re gone for everyone.

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New Disneyland digital FASTPASS system. What you need to know.

What People Say About Disney MaxPass

I love MaxPass!! It saves so much time! It got busier later on, especially once we went over to Disneyland, but we still did so much and the lines weren’t as horrible as I expected. I will say we’ve never seen it that busy, but we’ve always gone during slow times. MaxPass made it so we could still do everything we wanted. -Whitney E.

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Will you be using Disney MaxPass when you go to Disneyland? Continue the conversation below!

32 thoughts on “Disney MaxPass: New Disneyland FASTPASS

  • MandiAnn

    I was able to visit the parks twice this year and we used MP both times. We absolutely loved it. My husband (bless his soul) does not do crowds, or lines. So the MP was a life saver to cut our eating time and not have all the back and forth. Being able to schedule our next fastpass on our phones immediately after scanning the current FP was a miracle. Also, most of the time we could activate a 2nd pass an hour after we activated a FP. Say at noon we grabbed passes for cars that weren’t until 4pm, we were able to activate another pass at 1pm for splash mountain.
    Also within the app you can see the available FP times so we were able to decide which FP to select by soonest availability. We alleviated the run around by not going across the park to get a ticket and then finding out the return time was 4 hours later. The app puts all the information in front of me. It made the trip so much better for me (being a Disney fanatic) and my (taking one for the team) hubs. He may actually go back with me sometime because of MP

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Jessica!

    I plan on purchasing the city pass for our visit in early May so we can do Legoland, Sea World, and the 3 day park hopper at Disneyland. Can I purchase a max pass by itself separately?

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for asking. You purchase MaxPass once you walk in the park via the Disneyland app. Be sure to have an account set up in advance with a linked credit card. You’ll also need that security code on the back to make the purchase. Have a fabulous trip and let me know if I can help further.

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you for the info! I will definitely be using your for the custom itinerary. If we have a May1-5 trip, we can we begin planning?

        • Absolutely! What I do when it’s a bit farther out is take your first day’s payment to hold your spot. It goes toward your final payment so you’re not paying anything extra. Just head over to our VIP custom plan page and fill out all the fun details there and we’ll get started. So much fun!

  • Albert Trotter

    The only redeeming quality is they won’t do advance fast pass selection. it really takes the spontaneity out of your day. I plan out every day of my work schedule the last thing I want to do on vacation is plan out what rides I want to ride and when I need to be there. Hopefully they will work out all the bugs faster than they did at World!

    • Thanks for your comment, Albert. I agree and hope they keep it a day-of type of reservation. Disneyland has always been a unique place and I hope the executives and decision makers see that although it is a Disney Resort, it’s personality is a lot different that Walt Disney World’s and we need to honor that even in little things like MaxPass.

  • There was a recent change in Fastpass policy. The two parks are now “linked”, meaning that getting a Fastpass in one affects when you can get a Fastpass in the other park. Admittedly, many did not know they were “unlinked” previously, and given the back-and-forth required, relatively few took advantage of this quirk.

    I suppose Disney thought, that with Maxpass coming, FPs would run out “too soon” if the policy wasn’t changed. However, for some visitors, this linking makes parkhoppers a little less valuable.

    • This makes a lot of sense for the MaxPass roll out. I agree, it’s kinda a pain to do the back and forth. Many guests buy hoppers because it seems to add value, but they don’t use them the way they imagined. Many people just hop over to Disneyland when California Adventure closes for the night. Don’t you agree?

  • Kayla

    Good luck getting a fastpass for Rafiator Spring Racers. With the ability to book fastpasses from either park, those will be gone within hours of opening. I will not be very happy if they eventually phase out paper fastpasses and charge you to use digital.

    • What’s crazy is how quickly they run out even with paper FASTPASSES. Last week it was a pretty low crowd day and the passes ran out by noon (if not before, that’s just when I walked by). But opening it up to people in both parks will certainly have those things flying! I am hoping the charge is temporary as a way to beta-test without the masses being involved. But with Disney, we know if they can make a few bucks they’ll continue to do so. Time will tell! I am also concerned about bottle neck crowds at the entrance, because as soon as they enter the parks they can stop right there and get FPs. Thanks for the insight Kayla, keep the comments coming, would love to hear more of your opinion.

  • Brandy

    Nooooooo!! I frequent Disney World and Disneyland and I prefer the paper system with out a question. The only redeeming quality is they won’t do advance fast pass selection. it really takes the spontaneity out of your day. I plan out every day of my work schedule the last thing I want to do on vacation is plan out what rides I want to ride and when I need to be there. Hopefully they will work out all the bugs faster than they did at World!

    • Brandy, I hope my predictions are correct with not allowing advanced FP reservations but I certainly could see them offering it as an incentive to stay on site. We will see! It’s all about pleasing/working with the locals here. So many APs that drop by last minute or on their way home from work and school. It doesn’t make sense to schedule them and that’s something I love about Disneyland too. I plan out my days but always allow for flexibility so I prefer not to plan FP in advance too. I hope they take their time to make this right and it improves the overall experience.

  • Cetain sites (which shall remain unnamed) have been pushing the “FP+ is coming to Disneyland” idea for at least two years. There have been some rather small-scale tests (like the scanners at Space Mountain) that indicate that changes are coming at some point. Construction permit applications also point to upcoming work related to FPs – specifically “touch points”.

    I just can’t see how any kind of FP would work at Peter Pan’s Flight. It has the cramped indoor switchback queue, which is invariably packed within ten minutes of park opening. It has the “temporary” chains set up outside. It has a tight exit space, currently used as an entrance for DAS guests. Tinker Bell really deserves great credit if she can create a Fastpass entrance that somehow doesn’t interfere with people entering and exiting as they do now.

    • I like your thinking! Yes, rumors about this very thing have been circulating for years! We will see if they actually come to life this time. As for Peter Pan, it’s just one on the rumor list- maybe just wishful thinking? Thanks for your insights, I can’t wait to hear more official word from Disney and will certainly update when they do make any announcement.

        • I know right? I definitely think something is up at Peter Pan’s Flight. Very anxious to see how this all unfolds. Thanks for your comments, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Have a magical day!

          • As of now, there is no sign that the space is being converted to become a Fastpass queue. For whatever reason, the door was open on April 12, and I had to look inside. There were a few remants of the old shop (like a crown), but more candles and similar things.

            BTW, I’ve seen the “touch points” installed on several rides now – BLAB and Haunted Mansion on Wednesday.

          • I love that you took a peek in there for me! I certainly hope Peter Pan gets a FP regardless if they use that space or not but thanks for being some eyes for me since I can’t be in the park as much as I’d like. You’re awesome!

          • A different rumor seems to have been on target.

            Another visitor has stated that it has become – as of today, April 20 – a store. It might be called “Castle Holiday Shop”.
            I can’t confirm this, as no new store is listed on disneyland.com

            I still have no idea what Disney thinks it is going to do with dozens of flameless candles.

  • Jennifer

    We’ll be at Disneyland for a week late January through early February. (1/29-2/3) What are the chances the new system will be up and running then?

    • Hey Jennifer, that’s such a fun time to go. I was there those dates earlier this year. My insider source says spring at the earliest. It will be interesting to see because I’m guessing there will be testing here and there before it is launched in its entirety. I’ll keep updating this article with new information and our 2017 planning guide will be out next month so stayed tuned!

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