Disneyland Budget Hotels

Budget Disneyland area hotels—let’s talk.
I have to start by saying I am not a budget seeker when it comes to hotels. Sure, I have a budget in mind but I also want something that’s more than “just a place to sleep.” My opinions here reflect that mentality. 

Disneyland Budget Hotel Basics

When I say “budget” in this article, I mostly mean a decent hotel at a good price point. It has nothing with star or diamond ratings.
I have stayed at a number of moderate-budget hotels near Disneyland and I am going to share all my best tips for booking budget hotels near Disneyland right here so you can get create a short list of your favorites.
Disneyland Budget Hotels

Remember when searching reviews on big travel websites you’re likely going to see more negative reviews because that’s what gets people fired up to write one. Their experience is likely accurate, but there’s often 10 more positive unwritten reviews to that one negative. 


Disneyland Budget Hotel Map

You’ll pay less the farther you are from Disneyland; many people on a budget choose hotels in Buena Park or Garden Grove. But there are still a few within easy walking distance that I consider moderate-budget.
When you factor in your time spent driving back and forth, then parking—a 15 minute drive can easily add 30-60 minutes on to your morning before you ever step foot inside Disneyland. 
Of course there are many budget hotels that are walkable as you can see on this map below. 
Keep reading as I also share a great travel trick for those budget Disneyland hotels that are just a little bit too far to walk. It’s worth it to me to stay in Anaheim rather than Fullerton or Buena Park. Garden Grove can often work if you’re on Harbor Blvd, but it won’t be as walkable.

Top Disneyland Budget Hotels

Comment below and tell me which of these budget hotels made your list and which ones should be added to this round up. 

The Anaheim Hotel

Walking distance to Disneyland, it’s one hotel I work with to showcase their offerings to my readers on many occasions. Read my full review of The Anaheim Hotel here
The Anaheim Hotel suite
I consider it moderate-budget, though their suites will be a higher price point. The Anaheim Hotel continuously updates rooms to keep rooms fresh.
Anaheim Hotel pool
This is a lower price point than many nearby. They have ample parking, The Pizza Press onsite, and an olympic sized pool just to name a few of their amenities. It’s an all around great property for the price point. I partner with this hotel often.

Castle Inn & Suites

Walking distance to Disneyland. I’ve never stayed here, the rooms always look too dated for me to feel comfortable in. Am I wrong? Should I try it? I asked for my readers to share their experience at Castle Inn and here’s a few of their comments, solidifying my feelings.

Grand Legacy at The Park

Walking distance to Disneyland. It’s been about 2+ years since I’ve stayed here. The suites in the new tower are awesome, but those are not the budget rooms you’re looking for.

Sunrise over the pool at Grand Legacy At The Park. A Disneyland area hotel.

I’ve stayed in every room type they have over the last 6 years or so. The prices for the location always seemed fair. My sister has stayed there more recently than me and compared it to a Motel 6—(that’s harsh) she also says The Anaheim Hotel is way better. Add your opinion below. 

Camelot Inn

Walk to Disneyland. Super close. Met my basic needs but I never wrote a review about it because I was only in my room for like 4 hours? I had a very quick visit to do media coverage for Lunar New Year and that was all I could pull off. I would stay there again though.

Eden Roc

Walk to Disneyland via Downtown Disney. This one is often skipped over, very small motel style but nice sized, basic and clean rooms. I would stay here again for the price point for sure.
Eden Roc Inn & Suites Anaheim


Clarion Disneyland room
When all others price you out, look to Clarion but know you’re getting a hotel that’s probably looked the same as it looked 20 years ago, bit it’s clean and does the job. 

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Price, because we’re talking budget here. A budget hotel near Disneyland will not be the same price as a budget hotel in Anytown, USA.
It’s the proximity to Disneyland that keeps rates competitive, but higher because you’re in a tourist area. Expect to pay more for any hotel, especially franchise names you’re familiar with like Best Western, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, etc.
Clarion Disneyland view
Which budget (by price, not star rating) hotel is a winner in your book and why? Which did you try out and didn’t fare so well? Do you want me to do another one of these posts for moderate and deluxe hotel stays?
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